143: Interconnected with Elizabeth Rosner

In this episode of The Miracle U Podcast, your host Vince Kramer of Imagine Miracles talks with Elizabeth Rosner about her story and her business Debt Free Degree. Dr Roz shares about the importance of all of us understanding our connections. She also talks about non-violence and her affiliation with the King Center.

Dr Ro Rosner

Elizabeth is known as Dr Roz. She is the holder of several advanced degrees, a coach, entrepreneur and a change maker. After retiring as a professor in higher education, she founded her college coaching practice, Debt Free Degree with Dr. Roz.

As a form of Nonviolence, her focus is teaching students to graduate fully debt-free, using her proven G.R.I.T. blueprint, strategies, and accountability system.

She attended her first training with The King Center in April 2018 and was immediately devoted to Dr. King’s philosophy and methodology of Nonviolence365.

It is not hyperbole to say that Nonviolence has impacted every facet of her life. Now, her mission is to incorporate Nonviolence into schools and universities, joining other practitioners across the globe to create The Beloved Community.

Episode Resources:

Official Website: www.Patreon.com/DebtFreeDegree

Instagram: @debtfreedegreewithdrroz

Facebook: @debtfreedegreewithdrroz

Twitter: @RosnerME

Email: DrRoz@DrElizabethRosner.com

Three Key Points:

Despite what we believe or what things might seem, there is no true separation. We are all connected and interconnected in many ways. Energetically, it is fairly easy to see the connection although it may be challenging at times. Physically, it may a little harder because our five senses suggest that we are separate.

We are interconnected in a multitude of ways. And through the Interconnectedness, we can change our lives, help others change theirs and at the same time change the world as a whole. Everything we say, do or think affects others. And in turn, they affect us.

As we learn to see how everything is inter connected, we can use that new awareness to support us on this journey that we call life.  We can support ourselves and others in living life in a way that the connections will amplify and speed up our progress towards those things that are important to us.

Show Notes:

4:12 – Dr Roz shares more about herself, Non Violence And Debt Free Degree.

5:56 – We learn more about some of the history of Dr Roz and her experiences in higher education.

7:35 – There were so many things that pointed her in the right direction, a visit ti the Martin Luther King Center was a big one.

11:30 – How can it help us if we understand that we all have our own truths.

14:30 – Dr Roz talks about how she feels about her truth and how she lives by her understanding of it.

16:20 – Debt Free Degree, her signature program came about from a knowingness and an understanding how debt from education affects so many.

19:40 – Learn how the acronym GRIT plays multiple parts in her business and what she shares with her clients.

24:30 – Interconnectedness is the foundation for what Dr Roz shares with students and parents.

27:48 – Learn the magic of her systems in an example she shares.

31:32 – Dr Roz shares a parting piece of guidance with us.

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