144: Living by Design with Miranda Mitchell

In this episode of The Miracle You, your host Vince Kramer of Imagine Miracles introduces you to an energetic alignment coach and quantum human design specialist, Miranda Mitchell. Vince and Miranda talked about understanding your energy and its combination to open ourselves to endless possibilities.

Miranda MitchellMiranda is an Energetic Alignment Coach and Quantum Human Design Specialist who helps leaders in the industry align energetically so that they step into creating more impact with sustainability and ease.

Miranda loves to connect and collaborate. She has worked with coaches, podcasters and other leaders within their containers . If you are a leader that has a team or community that you feel would benefit from bringing in an expert please reach out to her.

Episode Resources:

Official Website: https://www.miranda-mitchell.com/

Instagram: @mirandajmitchell

Facebook: @mirandajmitchell01

Email: miranda@miranda-mitchell.com

Three Key Points:

Have you ever wonder why you act a certain way or maybe see things different than others. Although we are all alike at the very same time we are uniquely different. We have had different experiences and influence. But we are also different energetically.

When you understand this energy and the specific combination, you will understand much about your life. You will understand the way see yourself and others. You will know the problems you’re on earth to address and the way you can best address them.

When you understand your design, you will know where you inspiration comes from and how to best ground yourself. You will know the best way for you to make decisions and your unique way dealing with people. We are all energy and understanding the concepts of energy and who we are as energy opens the door to our unlimited possibilities.

Show Notes:

4:03 – Miranda shared how she loves working and collaborating with people, and the impact this makes.

5:22 – How her first beautiful child impacted her life and made the decision to finally shift and change who she is personally.

8:51 – Miranda talked about what Quantum Human Design is.

12:09 – She talked how Quantum Human Design helps us understand that the whole universe is lined up for us.

14:21 – Miranda talked more about the alignment of planets in the Quantum Human Design and how that shows us the energy that we are.

17:25 – What is the difference between Human Design and Quantum Human Design?

19:51 – Miranda used herself as an example (a manifesting generator) to know more about the type, the strategy, and the authority of that certain type.

22:49 – She talked more about the rest of the types and how they work.

25:08 – Miranda answered how one can use the graph. With that understanding, she also shared how you can live authentically with your centers and gates.

27:36 – She talked about the two manifestors that stick out to her the most and how they came to an understanding of their potential.

30:26 – The certain types’ struggles that they face and that led to forcing themselves into another type.

32:12 – Miranda shared that the most important piece of guidance for her is to listen to your body.

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