015: Waking Up to You Through the Fear and Doubt with Rachelle Trahan

In this episode of The Miracle You join your host Vince Kramer of Imagine Miracles and his special guest Rachelle Trahan who shares how tragic moments can put you in very vulnerable situations. But by making the right decisions with self-love you really can overcome anything.

Rachelle trahan

Rachelle Trahan is a fire-starter, speaker, mastery-certified Self-Love Coach and Alchemist, and also the founder of RachelleTrahan.com.  She is known as the “Big Mission Breakthrough Coach”. She emblazons women with BIG MISSIONS to catalyze fear, doubt and self-criticism into BIG LOVE for themselves, so they can breakthrough in business and personal success, and alchemize it into global contribution.

Rachelle is the creator of popular programs for dynamic creatrixes, transformational leaders, and lightworkers like: Ignite Love for Impact and Self-Love for Ultimate Business Breakthrough.  Her programs empower women to resolve fear, awaken to their true natures, and take big action.

Rachelle is on a mission to facilitate true transformation for women who want to heal their own hearts, raise their vibration of love, and embody new and powerful ways of being, so that they are a match to both the BIG results and the BIG contribution they want to make.

Rachelle believes that if you want to see big change in the world, you first have to be the change yourself.  She believes that LOVE is the most powerful healing force of transformation, and healing your heart is the catalyst for healing all hearts.

She will encourage you to open fully to love, align with the true source of your divinity, and become the impact-maker you’re meant to be.

Today, she will share the story of her BIG LOVE that was a catalyst for her BIG MISSION, as well as a scrumptious story about ice-cream that will forever change the way you think! Hearing both of these stories: one that is tragic and emotionally compelling, intertwined with another that is humorous and laughably relatable, you will:

  • get to connect to your own blocks to love,
  • learn how to dissolve the fear and,
  • shift to a new paradigm that opens you to love even more deeply.

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Three Key Points:

To love someone else you need to have love for yourself first. You can bring self-love to a place where you’re accepting of yourself.

There is always hope, and you are never alone. There’re always ways to move into a new, bright, and exciting space.

Find out how to open yourself up to more and more love. Especially when it feels like you’re in a negative emotional state.

Show Notes:

4:20 — Rachelle Trahan works with dynamic women who have big dreams and missions and want to make a big impact in the world. When they feel stuck, Rachelle helps them to become unstuck and move forward in their lives in bolder ways.

5:04 — As an impact maker, Rachelle realizes her larger mission and purpose. What does people need, what does the world need, what does humanity need? These are the important questions Rachelle asks herself.

6:54 — We can’t separate what we need and what everybody else needs. It’s about embracing what you need, and to connect with your own desires.

7:54 — Rachelle shares her journey from working a 9 to 5 job, to experiencing a tragedy that woke her up to making important decisions. It woke her up to realizing there was something more that she should be doing.

10:38 — A tragic wake-up call of losing her husband to alcoholism and suicide allowed Rachelle to overcome many challenges. Even when you’re in the middle of the tragedy, when you feel there’s no hope, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and there is hope. Gifts will come.

12:35 — Shortly after losing her husband, Rachelle found herself in a very conflicting situation between love, guilt, grief, and a battle of many other emotions.

16:56 — Even though it felt like her life was turning upside down, Rachelle felt there was always a truth that was operating underneath it all. She calls it the “Either, Or Paradigm.” We create stories in our heads about things like “Either I can be spiritual, or I can be a successful business person.” It has to occur to you that you can be both.

19:01 — If we allow love, then we’re opening ourselves for love. When you decide you can have “both and more” you are opening yourself to loving yourself.

21:04 — Rachelle shares that we all need more love. People everywhere need to feel more significant, and the parts of ourselves that we’re shutting out are the parts of ourselves we can show more love to.

24:30 — Bringing self-love to the world, Rachelle shares her experiences as a coach and how she wants to bring people together to support each other. She wants to get on the road and go on tour to help as many lives as she can.

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