016: Owning and Using All Your Gifts and Talents with Dr Veronica Anderson

In this episode of The Miracle You join your host Vince Kramer of Imagine Miracles and his special guest Dr Veronica Anderson talk about how taking care of your human body as a whole, not just the physical, but the mental, emotional, and spiritual parts of us as well can help us to overcome, heal, and manifest.

Dr Veronica Anderson

She is a MD, Medical Intuitive, Functional Medicine practitioner and Homeopath. And… the author of the book “But Now I See: A Medical Intuitive Surgeon’s Guide to the Meaning of Your Illness and how to Heal from Chronic and Incurable Disease.”

Dr Veronica begun her medical career as an Eye Surgeon and now has the distention of being both a licensed physician and a practicing psychic. As a best-selling author and speaker, she has appeared on national TV and spoken to many groups across the country.

In her programs she uses her gifts and talents to help people with complex health issues who feel like they just haven’t gotten proper answers or relief from the healthcare system.

Her Intuitive Rejuvenation Journey Program guides people to wellness by not only working on the physical aspects of wellness holistically but also unlocking and clearing the emotional, spiritual and energetic triggers and root causes of disease.

Episode Resources:

Website: https://drveronica.com/

Cold and Flu Toolkit: https://drveronica.com/flu

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/drveronicaanderson/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DrVeronicaEyeMD

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/drveronica/

Three Key Points:

Rebalance yourself. Balance yourself physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. It’s important to see your body as a machine with all these parts that need to be balanced.

Everyone has wake-up calls that show us that we are not going down the correct path. And the body is always giving us messages to help guide us in our journey.

Self-care is vital. Taking care of yourself, the Universe will love you back in that way. This will allow you to do more for people, easier for people, when you take care of yourself first.

Show Notes:

7:00 — Dr Verona Anderson shares how your body will translate messages from the Universe. If you don’t listen to the message that your body is conveying to you, the Universe will make things more severe.

9:06 — The tools to heal, and to be the best you can be are right inside of you. Dr. Veronica Anderson shares how she’s experienced this herself.

10:16 — We can choose to create our worlds or be victims of our worlds. Dr Veronica shares an experience she had where she realized that she can manifest anything she set her mind on.

13:12 — Dr Veronica shares a profound moment that served as a wake-up call to her life. She found herself in a dark place but was able to show resilience and true strength.

20:20 — Helping people sometimes mean going above and beyond what’s conventional. You can’t help everyone, but the people who resonate the best need your help. Dr Veronica Anderson reveals how being a medical intuitive helps people who have tried everything else, but nothing else seemed to work.

25:25 — One of the miracles is when you realize the first thing you must do is have compassion and empathy for yourself. Practitioners of medicine are typically hard on themselves. Dr Veronica explains the importance of self-care.

28:07 — Vince Kramer shares that you can’t love if you don’t love yourself, you can’t give if you can’t give to yourself.

28:32 — A lot of times people over give when they feel that they don’t feel like they deserve. They’re giving because they’re fearful they’re not deserving of love.

30:35 — Dr Veronica shares that the Universe loves you and you should do whatever you’re doing out of love, joy and gratitude, not out of fear.

32:03 — A dream of Dr Veronica is to go worldwide and share her gifts and talents with the world. She wants to expand her reach and help more people.

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