044: Sharing Joy Through Humor with Pat Armitstead

In this episode of The Miracle You join Vince Kramer of Imagine Miracles and his guest Pat Armitstead while they share insights about bringing joy, harmony and happiness to others lives. learn about using the experiences of your life to become an understanding and compassionate person.

Pat Armistead

Pat Armitstead is a Pioneer and thought leader in the area of Humor, Engagement and Creativity. In 2001, she declared herself to be the World’s first Joyologist and has been described as “New Zealand’s answer to Patch Adams” or a “spiritual midwife, delivering people out of the darkness”.

She has also been described as a “modern day Renaissance woman” and her life has been devoted to helping others to transform their lives. Her unique personal perspectives, traumatic past, repeated losses and eventual mastery as a Multi Award Winning Speaker and Exhibiting Artist are a rare combination of talents. A master storyteller she combines methodology with real human experiences to bring understanding and meaning to life events.

Pat was President of the National Speakers Association NZ 2001, The Most Awarded Speaker at the 2000 NSANZ Convention and 2002 NZ Speaker of the Year. She founded The NZ Humor in Business awards with 2 of New Zealand’s most celebrated businessmen sitting on her advisory board.

She is a bestselling author of two books, and co-author of another seven including the recent Amazon Trilogy Best Seller ” Common Threads”. She has also produced ten documentaries and anchored her own Multi Award Winning radio show. She has won 11 advertising awards including NSW Northwards Tourism Award – Media and an award from Cacharel in Paris. She was a journalist for all national TV networks and filmed /researched regionally for 20:20 and 60 Minutes.

More recently she has founded her own online TV program called “The Laughter Channel – Where human interest meets humor interest” which has Patch Adams as patron.

Pat says, “Across the globe, many people lack joy, harmony, trust and are prone to doubt. They have become despondent and depressed, fail to be their word, sit in overwhelm, others are resigned and intolerant. Others show cynicism and act confused, and many lack confidence all of which results in emotional flat-lining, lack of engagement, poor productivity and more recently, unresolved grief, poor mental health and suicides. ​ My work is to help people find joy when it appears there is none. You can’t lift your bottom line if your people are down”

Episode Resources:

Official Website: www.joyology.co.nz

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pat.armitstead

Twitter: @joyologist1

Three Key Points:

You are living your purpose your entire life. Every job, every circumstance has your purpose hidden in it.

The highest level of emotional vibration one can receive is joy.

One of the greatest joys you can give yourself, is by creating joy and happiness and other people’s lives.

Show Notes:

4:08 — Wanting to be an artist at a young age, but told to “get a real job,” Pat Armitstead went into nursing.

6:19 — Being in the film and video production industry, Pat learned how to adapt to her surrounding very quickly. She talks about how she grew and learned during some positive moments, and some tragic ones.

8:00 — Going through multiple tragic wake-up calls, Pat had to make some drastic changes to her life. Battling a very traumatic situation, Pat learned completely turned her life in a different direction.

10:56 — Given an amazing gift to be fully self-expressed in her lifetime, Pat is now living life to the fullest with purpose and passion.

13:55 — On the earth to bring joy into the lives of others, Pat shares how it’s not complicated to do that.

16:00 — Showing up in her full natural expression, Pat does what no one else will do. Pat has nursed many extremely ill people and bringing happiness to their lives quickly became her passion.

20:00 — Pat talks about some of her encounters and experiences with Patch Adams.

27:30 — Revealing plans for the next steps in the Intimacy Revolution, Pat explains what extraordinary things are coming.

29:22 — Learning improv acting, Pat used it to help get rid of her inner censor and free herself.

31:38 — Sharing a final piece of guidance, Pat tells a personal and touching story of how simple bringing joy to others can be.

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