052: In One Conversation with Kerry Mensior

Listen to this episode of The Miracle You with your host Vince Kramer of Imagine Miracles and his special guest Kerry Mensior while they talk about how it’s possible for United States citizens to trust their police. It is about coming together in a way that supports all.

Kerry Mensior

Kerry is the face of change in how Police Officers communicate with the public. Rapid Rapport for Rapid Responders is the revolutionary set of tools He has put together to allow Police Officers to quickly develop rapport, effectively communicate, deescalate and negotiate with people in all situations, including those in emotional crisis.

A 30-year law enforcement veteran, Kerry is the consummate First Responder. He is also an international speaker, a best-selling author and sought-after Communication Mastery trainer. He shows you how to leverage personality science to package your message and dramatically increase your communication ability.

His tools also work exceptionally well for entrepreneurs and business owners to increase their sales up to 300%.

Kerry’s key areas of expertise lie within not only designing training courses but also in helping speakers prepare for being on stage or in front of a camera for online training.

No matter how good the course is, if the presenter isn’t fully prepared, the training will not be effective. That’s where Kerry comes in. He works with people in exactly those areas so both the material and the speaker are fully prepared.

With Kerry, his compassion and performance is second to none, he cares about the needs of every person he works with. Using the best techniques possible, he ensures individuals’ and companies’ processes are of the highest caliber.

Whether you need a stronger training program, help with employee relations, assistance in solving communication issues or ensuring compliance with EEO and Diversity rules, he can help you. Kerry never cut corners and always does what’s best for you and your vision. When it comes to teaching people how to teach, you can trust Kerry and his team to deliver.

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Three Key Points:

Effective communication entails listening without prediction or knowing. Listen to others without thinking about what to say next. That’s the best way to make sure you’re hearing the message, and the best way to make sure your message gets heard.

Everyone creates a story in our head as to why someone behaves the way that they do. Often time these stories have a negative twist or can be completely wrong.

Humans aren’t perfect. Just how the majority of car salesmen are great people, but there are a handful of bad apples, the same is true for law enforcement.

Show Notes:

4:16 — There always seem to be issues with communication, whether that’s at work, in business, or even at home dealing with your children/spouse. Kerry Mensior shares that effective communication is the bedrock of how we deal with each other.

6:07 — Different silos of communication are related to each other. How we communicate in our relationships, how a police officer communicates with a citizen, or even how someone communicates with their boss, employees, or coworkers. These all require the same form of communication.

9:00 — Eating dinner with a royal prince, Kerry shares how he used communication to connect with him when he was very reserved and not talking to anyone.

16:14 — It’s unfortunate that we don’t learn effective communication in school. Kerry shares a story about he learned communication the hard way during his time he spent in law enforcement.

20:08 — Kerry shares a tragic wakeup call he experienced as a police officer where not only his life was threatened, but so were the lives of his fellow officers. He goes into detail about what happened and how it changed the course of how communication was taught to police officers.

23:28 — Wanting the public to trust law enforcement again, Kerry shares how his divine intent and mission in life is to change the perception people have against the police. Just how people no longer trust salespeople, not because all salespeople are crooked, but some of them have done things that warranted the mistrust of society. The same is true in law enforcement.

26:50 — Having the confidence and trust in yourself to know that you have the ability to communicate and talk to people makes a huger difference.

29:19 — The greatest miracle that Kerry experiences is whenever someone from one of his masterclasses comes up to him and says “dude, you saved my marriage.” Nationwide average for divorce is over 50%.

31:33 — Kerry reveals some never-before-shared information about what he’s up to and what’s going to become available soon for the united states. Providing professional training to teach police officers to communicate better with society and citizens. His goal is to have citizens look at police officers and say “I’m not afraid of you.”

35:06 — Sharing his one piece of parting guidance, Kerry says to look for ways to genuinely compliment someone. Not flattering, but to be sincere.

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