057: Expressing Your Voice with Elisa James

Listen to this episode of The Miracle You with your host Vince Kramer of Imagine Miracles and his special guest Elisa James while they talk about how negative or lower vibrational energy and tension can cause an unhealthy voice. Learn how to project your message out into the world.

Elisa James

Elisa James is an international performer with over 30 years’ world-wide experience. Starting as an acrobatic-dancer, actor & trapeze artist at a very young age, she eventually switched to singing full time and re-located from Australia to Europe in 1995 with a recording contract. After 20 more years of touring, recording and performing all over Europe and the USA, Elisa recently moved back to Australia. She now appears regularly on TV and film as an actor and presenter and is booked as a speaker for live events. Elisa loves sharing her passion for the voice and is expert in the psychology behind your vocal sound – uncovering the mental, physical and emotional blocks that affect speaking. Elisa holds a master’s degree in Voice, and a Masters in Holistic Health and teaches Vocal Mastery and Vocal Maintenance workshops for all professional voice-users.

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Three Key Points:

Everything is energy and the experience of energy affects every part of our bodies, lives, and even relationships. The vibration of your voice can identify some of the experiences you’ve had in your life.

Your vibrational energy affects your vocal health. When you’re experiencing low vibrational energy, then muscles of your vocal system tense up and will cause issues for singers or speakers. During positive or high vibrational energy, muscles relax, and you’ll have vocal freedom. Unnecessary tension around the vocal tract, throat, neck, shoulders, tongue, chest, or abdominal muscles will always cause issues for vocalists.

When you get into your space then you get into a state of flow that just feels so good. This space is your fulfillment, purpose, passion, or even the entertainment side of you. That’s where you can really inspire others.

Show Notes:

3:32 — Elisa James shares that she was born a very shy little girl who wouldn’t speak to anybody, hide in her room and play with her barbie dolls. A parade she went to at 7 inspired her to become a performer and that helped crack her shell open.

5:30 — Along the way of Elisa’s journey, one type of performing arts led her down another type of performing arts, etc. Participating in my different activities, Elisa shares how she just flowed into it all and found her gifts, talents, and passions.

7:30 — At an early age, Elisa just wanted to be a famous actor, singer, and dancer. However, as she grew up into a teenager, her real dream was to inspire others to do something.

11:46 — Feeling safer within herself of who she was becoming, Elisa found guidance to help people have breakthroughs that transforms lives. She shares a client story of how she’s completely changed someone’s life.

14:12 — Teaching is in the blood. Elisa found it was a natural thing to become a teacher, and especially her family is full of teachers. Even at a young age, Elisa was chosen to mentor other children in her performances.

17:24 — Having lower emotional energy will cause problems for singers, voice actors, or speakers. Elisa shares an entire list of various causes of being in a lower vibrational energy state. Also, Elisa reveals a story with a client who was experiencing trauma that caused an unhealthy voice.

21:50 — Shyness and insecurity stopped Elisa from fulfilling her dreams in the biggest way possible. She shares that her lower emotional state would make her freeze during auditions and sabotage a lot of opportunities.

24:00 — Developing nodules in her throat, which is one of the most terrifying moments in a vocalist’s history, Elisa shares how unhealthy voice technique led her to this devasting wakeup call. She then shares how she overcame that.

30:01 — Being on stage and on camera, Elisa had to deal with so many insane things. She shares how that with training, she’s learned that it’s okay to be silly or embarrassed.

32:17 — The biggest thing that Elisa wants everybody to do is to get in touch with their authentic or unique sound. The real you that you step into when you feel safe, comfortable, loved, in touch with who you are. That voice will always have kindness and compassion, because you’re really being you.

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