058: Thinking Up with Sheryl Bernstein

Tune in to this episode of The Miracle You with your host Vince Kramer of Imagine Miracles and his special guest Sheryl Bernstein while they talk about how thinking up is critical for the law of attraction to work. Bringing those things into you life is as easy as aligning with it.

Sheryl Bernstein

Sheryl is The Creative Muse. Combining her performing & producing experience, Law of Attraction Coaching, and her tech know-how, she loves intuitively helping heart centered coaches and entrepreneurs, create the things that create their business.

All the ways that help them be seen and connect with their clients. Loving nature and animals, Sheryl lives The Magical Life of a Muse amongst the trees in Los Angeles, California, and has found her true calling by helping others find their joy and magic in creating, thinking UP, and allowing their gifts to shine.

Sheryl is the Creative Muse. Her gift is to ignite the creative ideas and ‘can do’ spirit in others and bring the ideas to life. Sometimes you need a spark, to get you going, to jump over and above any fears & doubts that may be holding you back, that you don’t even see. Find that spark, either within you, or from someone else, and ignite your creativity. Create Beautifully.

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Three Key Points:

We create our lives and our reality with thoughts, feelings, and the energy we put out into the universe.

Think up, not down. No matter what you’re doing. Change your thoughts whenever you’re stuck with moving forward to ones that empower you in a positive way.

When we’re children we are so in touch with what it is we’re supposed to be doing in the world. We haven’t had all the opportunities to forget and be influenced by society yet.

Show Notes:

3:41 — As a creative muse, Sheryl helps clients use their imaginations and be unafraid to move forward. She helps spiritual and creative entrepreneurs create the online pieces for their business.

4:54 — When you have “writer’s block” and you’re stuck, and you think negative thoughts like “this isn’t working, why am I doing this, etc.” then you’re not “thinking up.”

7:17 — With a simple explanation of the law of attraction, Sheryl shares that it’s about deciding what it is you want to do and get out of your own way. It’s usually the getting out of your own way that everybody has a problem with.

10:49 — Starting in radio, Sheryl played many other roles including stand up comedy, actress, director, and even hosted her own radio show in Los Angeles. Then her business started to slow down and it led her to stumble upon some valuable life coaching.  A minor setback in her career led Sheryl to realize what she really wanted to do in the world to help others.

18:11 — There’s a joy when you find your groove and your purpose. Don’t be afraid to do it and do it your way. Sheryl shares how she realized this lesson with her own life and gives a practical example.

19:38 — Everything Sheryl did was based on inspiration. She shares how she hasn’t had any terrible crisis wakeup calls throughout her life.

21:50 — Sharing a story about how she helps clients find clarity in who they are, Sheryl gets them comfortable with getting themselves online.

24:37 — Sheryl is asking for help from the ImagineNation because she’s feeling maxed out with the number of clients she has.

27:11 — Vince and Sheryl both came up with a C.R.E.A.T.E method and they both go into detail about what each letter stands for in their systems for transforming people’s lives.

34:36 — Giving one last piece of parting guidance and advice, Sheryl says to not be afraid to imagine what you want and go for it. That sounds simple, but really take the steps to do it and you’ll be amazed that this works so well.

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