070: The Energy of Joy with Michelle Shinagawa

Delve into this episode of The Miracle You with your host Vince Kramer of Imagine Miracles and his unique guest Michelle Shinagawa while they talk about the healing properties of Japanese rituals in Reiki and KonMari.

Michelle Shinagawa

Michelle Shinagawa is a Reiki Master/Teacher, a certified KonMari consultant, Chakra Therapist, and Spiritual Counselor. Because of her healing and spiritual background, she not only guides you in transforming your space but also to transform your life. 

She has a keen sense of beauty from her years as a graphic designer and also brings in Zen sensibility as someone who grew up in Japan, where the KonMari method was born. 

She has been practicing Reiki for over 18 years and has taught over 1300 students. She has studied extensively with many Eastern and Western instructors and brings in a unique combination of various techniques and philosophies into her workshops, private healing and KonMari sessions. 

Michelle is an expert at teaching people to be Grounded, Centered, and Connected with their Body, Mind, Spirit, and Brain.

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Three Key Points:

There’s absolutely no reason why you can’t enjoy happiness, joy, or fulfillment. It’s our birthright to experience that. Do we use our freewill to step forward and take control of our happiness?

You have to face yourself and dig deep within yourself to figure out what sparks joy for you. Finding something that resonates with you, and changing something that doesn’t resonate with you, will make even the most painful things in your life enjoyable.

Don’t anger, don’t worry, be grateful, work diligently, and be compassionate and kind to yourself and others.

Show Notes:

6:00 – As a Japanese healer, Michelle Shinagawa shares her experience as a KonMari and Reiki healer. With Reiki, you don’t use your own energy, instead you’re using energy from the universe. KonMari is about what sparks joy for you. There’s no limit to it at all, as long as it sparks enjoyment for you.

10:00 – With a divine intent of helping people release anxiety and stress and finding joy, Michelle shares her mission in life.

12:00 – Unable to speak fluent english at the time, Michelle overcame her fears with the english language because she had a divine intent of sharing the healing properties of Reiki and KonMari.

17:14 – Needing to be a perfectionist, Michelle used to be very anxious and worried about everything. Reiki and KonMari have taught Michelle to accept herself and put faith and trust in herself.

19:49 – Self care Reiki is about committing yourself that you’re going to spend certain time for yourself. At least 15 minutes in the morning, or at night. Even if you don’t perform Reiki, maybe try meditating, or self reflection. Let yourself know this is important for you.

22:10 – Michelle teaches Reiki so that other people can actually practice self care Reiki for themselves. That way everyone she touches can heal and find their gifts of being able to help others.

23:25 – Reiki brings people into a peaceful and calm place. Even when things may normally feel like they’re falling apart in the world around you, you can still find peacefulness and tranquility through the storms.

25:43 – People should be able to be in touch with themselves and be their true selves. Not trying to mimic what they see in other people, but to develop their own paths with their gifts and talents.

26:20 – We are often habitual creatures, especially with our emotions. The first teaching that Michelle shares is “Don’t Anger.” That doesn’t mean to not get angry, but she goes into detail of the steps necessary to do this.

30:30 – Michelle Shinagawa gives a purifying Reiki chant in Japanese for all of the listeners in ImagineNation.

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