087: Discover Your Passions with Alaina Love

If you’re serious about wanting to change the world for good, then find out why it’s important to listen to your gut intuition on this episode of The Miracle You with your host Vince Kramer fo Imagine Miracles and his special guest Alaina Love

Alaina Love

Alaina is the co-author of The Purpose Linked Organization and the CEO of Purpose Linked Consulting. For more than 14 years she has been helping leaders, teams and individuals discover their passions and align them with their work and life.

She has developed a psychometric tool that scientifically identifies your passions, which as Alaina states, are the “outward expression of the deeper purpose you are here to achieve”.

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Three Key Points:

Part of our purpose is a combination of our gifts and talents. When we spend the time to find that unique combination, we look at what we’re really good at and what we really enjoy doing. Once you intersect what you’re good at with what you enjoy, it’s easy to step into living your purpose.

Change is crucial and many times we’re scared of change. Just because it seems like you’re blessed today, doesn’t mean it’ll stay like that tomorrow. We need to be open to accepting change in our lives if we’re truly serious about living a fulfilled life of passion and purpose.

Do everything you can do to express your passion to the world. If we’re serious about changing the world for good, then we need to listen to our inner voices. All of the answers are already there, and self-discovery will help you discover them.

Show Notes:

3:03 — So many steppingstones in Alaina Love’s life made her realize that her purpose was to give back through medicine. Starting out in medical school, she suffered the burden of losing a couple of loved ones in her family. This ultimately forced her to make some important choices in her life, and she shares more about them.

5:10 — Given the opportunity to work in a scientific research lab allowed Alaina to ground herself. She explains how working in science forces you to think, and she shares how she uses that perspective today in her new career.

7:15 — Change needs to happen for you to transform into your passion or purpose. It’s important to navigate through pain and move to a better place. Alaina shares how, by doing this, you’re able to easily become successful.

9:10 — Alaina Love was given a huge opportunity to become her boss’s successor, but she quickly found out that she had a battling inner conflict she had to deal with. Was she going to take the job because of her excitement and motivation to succeed? Or was she going to follow her gut instinct that was telling her that this wasn’t what she was supposed to be doing?

11:10 — Every cell in her body was confident about the decision Alaina made regarding her career. People thought she was insane and were in tears. She didn’t have a plan B, all she knew is that she needed to change.

13:30 — Wrestling for over 7 years over the notion of purpose and passion, Alaina discovered a way to scientifically measure it. By researching and studying, she was able to discover what people were really feeling.

16:30 — Hiring a scientific research team from the University of Michigan, they were able to create a Psychometric tool that can measure the levels of passion and purpose in someone’s life. It accurately identifies the archetypes in someone.

22:20 — Many people get tied up in what their archetypes are. However, you need to use the archetypes collectively to transform who you are into what you’re meant to be.

24:40 — When you start with the top of an organization, and get leaders to understand these concepts, it trickles down into employees. It creates inspiration, motivation, passion, and aligns the team with the same mission.

28:18 — Experiencing success stories every day with the work that Alaina does, she shares one of her most memorable success stories for the audience of ImagineNation.

31:00 — It’s really important to listen to your inner voice. We all have one. It’s where the greatest achievements and fulfillment comes from. We’re gifted with all of these gifts and talents, and if we want to change the world then we need to harness our energies.

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