127: Get The Word Out with John Lee

In this episode of The Miracle U with Vince Kramer of Imagine Miracles, Vince speaks with his guest John Lee about his philosophies on life and purpose. John shares the importance of family and how to bring happiness into your life.

John LeeJohn is the founder of Custom Mobile dot App. They build beautiful branded mobile apps for content creators that monetize their audiences.

He also enjoys having philosophical conversations on ideas like the relationship between free will and rationality, the relationship between purpose and meaning, the objectivity and obligatory nature of morality, the requirements for happiness, and the strange presuppositions underlying phenomena like gender dysphoria.

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Three Key Points:

We all have our unique way that we learn what is important to us and how we want to be seen in the world. When we are seen authentically it is felt and experienced by others in ways that motivate them to do the same.

We are most influential to not just those closest to us, but also everyone we come into contact with by our example. Our example shares a specific energy frequency. When what we say and how we act are in alignment people are drawn to us.

By sharing your gifts and talents in the world in every available opportunity, we truly are being that example of authenticity and genuine concern for our fellow man. This is truly loving others hurt as you love yourself.

Show Notes:

4:07 – John shares us the magic and passions of his life and how he has found philosophy and conversations around it lights up his life.

5:15 – Learn how John looks at and lives life to best deliver what he has to share with the people around him.

6:57 – John learned his purpose along the way and began to understand it as he has grown and expanded into purpose.

8:09 – There were no specific crisis wake up calls for John, but has he has learned of others suffering he has used them as a conscious wake up to his vulnerability.

12:14 – I asked John to share where his love of others come from and about his understanding of oneness.

13:24 – John shares how he moved into technology so he could help others get their messages out through his love of building software.

17:31 – John shares how his love of technology is used in living and using his purpose to make a difference.

21:58 – John shares his requirements of happiness. He shares that happiness is a side effect.

23:15 John shares with us the difference he would like to make in the world at this point in his life.

28:11 – John shares the positives and negatives of technology for the small business world.

30:20 – John shares a piece of parting guidance on purpose and bringing it to the world.

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