129: Inner Technology with Sandy Vo

On this episode of tThe Miracle u podcast with host Vince Kramer of Imagine Miracles meet Sandy Vo. Sandy is the founder of Prosperous: School of Self-Realization. Sandy shares her story of waking up to living life fully self-realized and the journey to get there.

Sandy Vo

Sandy is a visionary, meditation teacher and yogi. She is the founder of globally rated Prosperous the Podcast and her signature transformation program; Prosperous: School of Self-realization, a 90-day integrative breakthrough experience for modern-day leaders.

Sandy encountered the path of meditation after living with crippling depression and anxiety for most of her teen years. Through practicing self-transformation methods, she learned how to self-heal mental, emotional, physical trauma, and break generational patterns. Today, Sandy speaks on stages, hosts live events, and facilitates experiences for people to remember their true nature.

She supports others in bridging the gap between the outer world of achievements and the inner world of fulfillment. She offers a heart-centered holistic approach that integrates the mind, body, Spirit and guides individuals, no matter how busy, to experience life’s greatest prosperity: Self-realization. Sandy is also the co-founder of a conscious media platform, Ladies Aligned. Her work creates positive momentum for current and future generations.

Three Key Points:

There is no one that knows better when it comes to you. We have a tendency because of how we were raised, the influences of society and even the influences of spiritual practices that we undertake that there are others who know what is best for us. That is far from the truth.

You have an internal guidance system where you have all of your own answers to any questions you may have or any direction you need. There is no one that can give you those answers, not your teachers, guru, or mentors. These people can help you in the process of getting them and doing something with them.

When you learn to find the quietness to allow you to tap into this ever present guidance, your world will open. You will see the benefits in every aspect of your life, every aspect of your existence. You will experience you life in a way that is more balanced and supportive of who you truly are.

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