142: Destiny Walk with Amber Joy Daniel

In this episode of The Miracle U, your host Vince Kramer of Imagine Miracles introduces you to a transformational coach, author and motivational speaker, Amber Joy Daniel. Vince and Amber discussed how our life always move towards growth and expansion. You are meant to live your destiny which is separate from the rules and the “suppose to” of life.


Amber is a transformational coach, author and motivational speaker.

Her journey is one from underdog to successful entrepreneur, mentor and mother. Amber shows others how they can overcome the obstacles they face and take their destiny.

She has helped women from all walks of life do just that. They’ve had massive breakthroughs in quick time as a result. Her clients have gone from single with no prospects at all, to married in a year or less; unemployed to employed; overlooked to promoted; and floundering in destiny to living on purpose.

Episode Resources:

Official Website: https://www.amberjoydaniel.com/; https://www.destinystrategists.com/

Free Gift: https://www.destinydiagnostic.com

Facebook: @amberjoy.chryskarsten

Three Key Points:

There are many ways to look at your life. You can make decisions around what you are supposed to do or how you are supposed to be. The rules of society can lead you to live your fate. But you are meant to live your Destiny. Which is separate from the rules and the “suppose to” of life.

Our lives are constantly and continuously moving towards growth and expansion. We can use our free will to try and stay the same, but try to stay the same will create resistance. The resistance results in us not attracting the things in our life that aid our expansion.

When you hear the callings and choose to follow them, you open up the opportunities for you to use your unique combination of gifts, talents and skills to live your destiny and to make the difference in the world you are meant to make. Every destiny is as important as any other. You must live yours.

Show Notes:

3:34 – Amber shares how she steps into the destiny walk autentically.

6:41 – Learn how the doctor changed Amber’s perspective that led her to her life now.

12:05 – Amber’s journey when she opened herself to that calling and how she helps women do the same thing.

17:27 – She defined destiny in her own words.

20:27 – Learn about Amber’s experience and why she believes in destiny.

22:28 – The importance of discovering individual purposes to find that destiny in the couple that they are even.

26:06 – The book of Ruth, and how Amber’s offers coincide with that.

30:41 – Amber shared why choosing to stop living your fate is the most important for us to take out into life.

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