145: Get Connected with Tamara Herl

In this episode of The Miracle You, your host Vince Kramer of Imagine Miracles introduces you to a leadership coach and the CEO of Wild Divine Retreat Center, Tamara Herl. Vince and Tamara talked about the availability of divine guidance at all times and ways on how you can tap into it.

Tamara Herl

During the course of her 30-year career as a teacher, counselor, and coach Tamara Herl noticed that her colleagues began experiencing increased difficulty adapting to the rapid changes that were taking place in the systems where they were working.

In response, Tamara began developing a wide variety of services and programs to help people in the human service and helping professions adapt to the changes and manage their burnout and compassion fatigue. What sets Tamara apart from other coaches is her ability to weave experiential practices that include spirituality, visual art, and nature into her work with clients.

Tamara facilitates profound nature connected coaching and expressive arts coaching sessions, both virtual and on sight at Wild Divine Retreat Center near Colorado Springs, her beautiful 8.5 acre property that includes a labyrinth, a sparkling stream, sacred geometry, and hiking trails. She creates custom-designed retreats to help teams problem solve, celebrate their successes, and enhance their leadership skills.

Tamara is a speaker at local, state, national, and international levels. Her program, “Inviting Creativity & Spirituality into the Workplace” helped Prairie View, Inc. in Newton, Kansas, win an international award for spirituality in the workplace in 2007. Tamara had an article called “Finding Light at The End of the Funnel” published in Art Therapy: the Journal of the American Art Therapy Association in 1992.

Tamara is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Registered/Board Certified Art Therapist, Associate Certified Life Coach, and a Certified Forest Therapy Guide.

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Three Key Points:

No matter what you might think or what you might feel, You are not alone. As part of the universal energy, there is guidance available to you at all times. It is constantly being streamed to all of us and when we learn how to connect doors open.

We hear all the time quiet your mind and meditate or journal and you will be able to tap into this divine guidance. The truth is, you must discover your way to connect to this guidance and knowledge. We all can connect. It is just finding our way.

When you are on purpose, you will recognize the guidance because it will resonate with you. It will be a match for your energy and it will feel good. It will feel right. The next steps show themselves in a way that when you choose to take action things happen.

Show Notes:

3:03 – Tamara shared her journey on how she started as a therapist and became a life coach.

3:57 – She compared her life as a life coach versus when she was a therapist, and what motivates her the most why she become who she is.

4:38 – How noticing some parts of Dysfunctional Systems woke up Tamara and helped her step further into living her purpose in a different way.

6:22 – Tamara shared examples of dysfunctional systems.

7:43 – She talked about the things that she does to help these systems get rejuvenated.

10:31 – How Tamara helped her clients in understanding and knowing when to break away from the system.

11:47 – Aside from guidance you can get through nature, she shared other ways to help people tap into divine guidance.

14:23 – How she helps clients see that they have a spiritual hunger.

15:47 – Tamara answered if she feels that a lot of the mental experiences that we’re having now have to do with the lack of spirituality in the country or in families.

17:14 – Tamara’s most recommended way on getting a wake-up call and starting on their journey on their own.

18:13 – She shared her opinion regarding journaling and whether writing or typing it out is what’s best for her.

19:00 – The power of visual journaling.

20:08 – Tamara shared some of the results that people have seen on her clients.

20:44 – Some of the motivators that bring people on Tamara’s way.

21:34 – Her advice to those that have developed over the years of belief or that have given up already.

22:47 – The most important parting piece of guidance that Tamara shared with the Imagine Nation.

24:09 – Another way, aside from being out in nature, to connect in a way that they understand, and that doesn’t feel like it’s a chore.

25:30 – Tamara shared a technique she uses to get back into quieting her mind.

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