150: Light in the Darkness with Erika Oley

Join your host Vince Kramer of Imagine Miracles in this episode of The Miracle You podcast as he discusses with his special guest Erika Oley how to find light even in the darkest times in your life. Learn how to empower yourself through these experiences.

Erika Oley

Erika is the host of the Surthrival Diaries podcast. She is also an entrepreneur, tv journalist, mother, American expat, animal lover, gluten-free baker, travel enthusiast, and bookworm. 

She is passionate about personal growth and discovery, as well and the mind-body connection and integrative health. She is currently training to be a coach and hypnotherapist and is writing her book. 

She lives in the south of Spain with her family and when not working, enjoys walks with her daughters, yoga, and riding her Lusitano stallion.

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Email:  hello@surthrivaldiaries.com

Three Key Points:

There are so many things that happen in our lives that provide us opportunities to hide from the world or to be seen in a new way. It is a choice. A choice to believe that life is happening to us or for us. Life is actually happening because of us. We are the creator or co-creator of every circumstance in our lives.

When we have circumstances in our lives that our painful, where we experience loss, we have a choice. We can let it destroy us or take us deep into the darkness or we can find a way to support ourselves in using it to be more and live bigger.

A loss of a loved one can define us or refine us. We have the choice. There can be and is a gift even in death. We can choose to find the gift and expand from it. Or we can let the loss take control and keep us from experience live in a way that supports us and honor the life of the one that has transitioned.

Show Notes:

4:12 – Meet Erika Oley and learn more about her and what she is uniquely bringing to the world.

13:43 – There is light in the darkness, she shares why it is important to understand this statement is true.

16:02 – Erika shares how feeling abandonment by her mother has affected her and resulted in her wanting to share her story and the story of others through her podcast.

18:45 – Erika shares what she learned from the death of her mom and how she has learned to share it.

20:52 – Erika shares how the co-creation of her mother’s death played a part in how she has become the mother she is.

23:50 – Her experiences and awareness of her life has made a difference in how she looks at herself and how she is showing up in the world.

28:23 – Learn how the experiences of many deaths have come into how she has refined her instead of define her.

30:41 – Erika shares how her children are able to see differently because of who she is.

33:48 – There really is no point to live a life shrouded in fear. We have a choice of being a victim or not.

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