154: Go All In with Jefferson Rogers

In this episode of The Miracle You podcast with your host Vince Kramer of Imagine Miracles, you will meet our special guest Jefferson Rogers.  Vince and Jefferson discuss how to go all in and learn from mentors how to live the life you want.

Jefferson Rogers

CEO, author, and podcast host Jefferson is not afraid to admit that he did not like who he was 10 years ago. Broke, directionless, and irresponsible, he had hit rock bottom and had no idea what it could look like to turn his life around.

Fast forward to 2021 and Jefferson is the head of JKR Windows, a multi-million dollar company that he built from SCRATCH in just four short years.

While growing his business from $0-$20MM, Jefferson learned a ton of valuable lessons — the hard way. He discovered the importance of focusing on his team every day, committing to his goals 100%, and having great coaches and mentors.

With his company recently named the fastest growing replacement window company in Utah and awarded top company growth at the 2020 D2D CON, Jefferson is a living success story. Today he’s dedicated to not only building on his own success but also helping others who are in the same position he remembers being in. He guides aspiring entrepreneurs to clarify their vision, invest in themselves, and achieve their biggest goals by going ALL IN.

Episode Resources:

Official Website: www.jeffersonkrogers.com

Instagram:  @JeffersonKRogers

Facebook:  @JeffersonKRogers

Twitter:  @JeffersonKRogers

Email:  jeffersonkrogers@gmail.com


Three Key Points:

There is a reason for everything that has and will happen in our lives. Quantum Physics tells us that there are no mistakes or coincidences. This means that we attract and create circumstances that are helping us learn and grow.

With free will, we have a choice on what we do with these creations and attractions. It is our choice to use them as a springboard to live life differently. We also can choose to let them define us or even be the excuse to stay the same.

The vast amount of understanding and acceptance we can get from living some of the darkest times in our lives can motivate, educate and help us be more. When we look towards the life we want, the life we are meant to live, we will be assisted on that journey by attracting the situations and relationships to take the steps toward a fulfilled and abundant life.

Show Notes:

3:53 – Jefferson shares about his life and the business he owns in Saint George, Utah.

5:53 – He shares the depths of his life and the wake up call that helped him turn his life around.

9:03 – There were messages for Jefferson all along the way in his younger years that tried to get his attention.

11:11 – Jefferson shares how knowing what is can keep us stuck and won’t allow us to grow by stepping into the unknown.

12:11 – Learn how Jefferson found someone who had the same type of experiences as him in the past to use as an example.

14:35 – We can use the traits we have to empower ourselves instead of letting them disempower us.

16:53 – Learn the steps that Jefferson learned and used to move beyond his addiction and into living life sober and now shares with others.

24:27 – Jefferson shares how the people who work with him in his business learn his principles to make something special of their lives.

26:35 – We discuss how there needs to be change with in. His principles help his employees move beyond what is holding them back in sales.

28:43 – Jefferson shares a parting piece of guidance about communications.

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