157: Living By Design with Shana Francesca

In this episode of The Miracle You with your host Vince Kramer of Imagine Miracles and his special guest Shana Francesca discuss the power of designing your spaces. You environment should support your being and not your doing. Creating and allowing flow in your life opens the door for your creativity.

Shana Francesca

Shana is a professional interior designer, life designer, writer, speaker and weaver of wisdom. 

She was born into a traumatic family culture and has spent her life staying curious as to what is possible when we embrace struggle as a part of growth.

Shana believes our physical surroundings, the places we dwell, work and live are a visionboard for our lives. The most intimate of those spaces can often be a reflection of our beliefs about ourselves.

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Three Key Points:

We have learned to live in the world of doing. Living on the outside and designing everything around the ability to do more, be efficient, and accomplish more. We have been taught that in the doing we find success, comfort and even happiness.

What we are looking for isn’t in the doing. It is in the being. Living a life in alignment with who you truly are and shining the light of your real and concentrated energy is being. Listening for, paying attention to, and taking action on the messages the universe delivers opens the doors to being.

We are the energy of the universe. There are no rights or wrongs, mistakes or coincidences or one way to anything. It is time to find your way and support yourself energetically on your journey.

Show Notes:

3:16 – Learn what lead Shana into her passion of Interior design and how her love of it made such a difference in her young life.

6:51 – Shana shared how her suicidal feelings helped her understand she had to stop listening to other people’s rules.

10:57 – Trauma was instrumental in helping Shana learn how important it was to find and follow her own knowingness.

16:57 – Shana tells us how she moved from ensuring her safety to finding her strength and how she helps others do the same.

21:21 – Shana gives an understanding of what it means to have your surroundings support your being instead of doing.

26:07 – Learn the concept of our home being a vision board for our life.

30:52 – Shana shares a parting piece of guidance on interrupting and using curiosity in your life.

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