160: Conscious Communication with Jem Fuller

Join us for this episode of The Miracle You podcast as your host Vince Kramer of Imagine Miracles interviews his special guest Jem Fuller. Vince and Jem share the importance of communication and finding your journey in life, empowering yourself and others towards greatness.

Jem Fuler

Jem is a trusted advisor and coach to CEO’s and senior leadership teams across the government, private and not-for-profit sectors. He helps create more mindful leaders and healthier work-place cultures. 

Jem is an expert in human behavior, specializing in communication and personal resilience. He is the Director and Facilitator for his own international leadership retreat company, and has been taking leaders to the remote Indian Himalaya, jungles of Northern Bali and Kimberley region of NW Australia since 2014.

From his punk days squatting in London to his years of barefoot backpacking around the Indian sub-continent and then years of corporate ‘high-flying’, Jem has lived the extremes. He has been a global tattooist, kindergarten teacher in Asia, motorcycle courier and fire dancer, Chinese masseuse and reflexologist, travel agent and senior leader with a multi-national company. Over the last decade he has studied and become qualified in coaching, human behavioral profiling and neuro linguistic programming.

Jem is passionate about helping to create more functional humans who can collaborate to create outstanding results for the greater good. His recently published book, The Art of Conscious Communication for Thoughtful Men, is available through his website, on Booktopia, or Amazon.

Episode Resources:

Official Website:  https://jemfuller.com/

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Facebook:  @jemfuller.me

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Email:  jem@jemfuller.com

Three Key Points:

When we talk about moving into a higher level of consciousness, we are talking about moving into a higher level of awareness. In a higher level of awareness, we are able to use concepts and understandings that support us in living life differently.

If we use these concepts in looking at the world in this new way, we can truly make a difference in the lives of so many people and really transform the world. This transformation can remove or at least lessen the separation we experience with others.

If you can learn to consciously communicate with yourself, you can also reduce reduce the separation you experience in yourself. You can truly bring all part of you together in a loving and supportive way. This is where you true empowerment lies, in self love.

Show Notes:

3:28 – Jem shares more about who is and how he is sharing himself with the world.

5:37 – Learn Jem’s wake up call and the stuff as he describes as being influential in his life.

10:44 – Learn more about the promptings that come in life to move us towards our path.

12:03 – Jem talks about his work with Corporate leaders and individuals who lead. He shares the importance of connection.

16:40 – We talk about conscious communication and the importance of being aware of our communications.

21:57 – We are given an example what conscious and unconscious communication can look like in our self talk.

24:22 – Jem shares examples of what it looks like when corporate leaders communicate consciously.

26:52 – Learn about how a mindful practice has helped leaders grow and become more effective.

29:03 – Learn a habit that Jim shares with his clients and audiences that make a big difference in our lives.

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