168: Love Is…with Kim Sorrelle

Join your host Vince Kramer of Imagine Miracles and his guest Kim Sorrelle on this episode of The Miracle You podcast.  Vince and Kim discuss what love is as Kim shares the story of how she learned what love is and how we all can live and share it in our lives.

Kim Sorrelle

Kim Sorrelle is an entrepreneur, director of a humanitarian organization, and lover of all people. Kim’s work has her splitting time between her home in Michigan, Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

Between all of her kids and their spouses, there are entrepreneurs, a humanitarian organization director, a NASA engineer, a NASA administrator, an MD/Ph.D., and a Funeral Director. She gives all of the credit of having birthed gainfully employed taxpayers to her late husband.

Kim believes that her eleven grandkids are the bomb and will someday solve issues like social injustice, food insecurity, and sock eating dryers.

Kim loves to travel anywhere and meet new people everywhere.
As a young child, Kim would conjure up stories with her imagination, sharing them with anyone who would listen.
The thrill of language and creation she first discovered as a child has never gone away.

Today Kim writes stories from her heart, sharing her experiences in life, in love, and her passion for serving.

Get in touch if you’ve got any comments, questions, suggestions, or just want to say hello. Kim would be happy to hear from you.


Episode Resources:

Official Website:  https://www.kimsorrelle.com

Instagram: @kimsorrelle

Facebook:  @Kim-Sorrelle

Twitter:  @Kim_Sorrelle

Email:  ksorrelle@gmail.com

Three Key Points:

We all have definitions or meanings of what love should be or how it should look. These definitions come from our life experiences and what we have been taught.

When we learn to look at love in a way that will truly bring us freedom. We learn that it truly is about loving everyone exactly as they are. It is loving them fully no matter how the may be different than we are. We truly don’t have to think, act and believe the same things.

True and unconditional love has to start from the inside. We must learn to love ourselves fully and unconditionally before we can love each other without judgment or prejudice. 

Show Notes:

3:31 – Our guest Kim Sorrelle shares about herself and the journey that she is currently on.

4:29 – Learn about the several wake up calls that Kim experienced in her life and how they changed her life.

8:33 – Kim tells us how her book was a healing modality for her and her breast cancer experience.

11:18 – Liz shared how she moved from what she experienced in her life and the decision with what to do with it.

15:37 – Learn how her life experiences helped her learn the meaning of love and how to share it in the world.

17:59 – Liz shares how experience in Haiti helped her learn the meaning of Love is Kind.

19:13 – Learn how Liz succinctly defines love for us.

20:56 – Liz shares how we have been taught can hinder us from loving and showing love freely.

23:37 – Liz tells us what was responsible for her choosing to write her books and the reason she did.

24:56 – Liz describes her 14 day “Love is…” challenge and how to become a part of it.

25:51 – Learn what Kim sees as one of the most difficult concepts of what “Love is…” for us to grasp.

28:44 – Kim shares her desires around us experiencing love in our lives in empowering way.

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