170: Living the Story with Tim Stuetz

In this episode of The Miracle You podcast, your host Vince Kramer of Imagine Miracles and his special guest Timothy Stuetz share the power of knowing. Timothy tells us about the many children’s books he has written and how his journey led him to sharing with children of all ages.

Timothy Stuetz

Timothy is the author of more children’s stories than anyone alive, 86 to date. As The Magical Kids Books Creator his Educational, Entertaining & Inspirational Fairy Tales Of The Heart have more original characters than even Disney has created!

He’s a Certified Self Esteem Coach for Children and a Master of Multiple Ancient Arts & Sacred Sciences (Meditation, Reiki, T’ai Chi, Yoga & Qigong). He created the “Power Animal Frolics–T’ai Chi / Yoga / Qigong For Children;” performed in Disney Quality Costumes, along with numerous courses and programs for the State of California, private foundations, churches and schools.

He’s an ordained Minister, Retired CPA and the Founder of Transformations, a nonprofit dedicated to assisting people of all ages achieve their maximum personal and professional potential by integrating body, mind, heart and soul. Holding people at birth and death and empowering them in all ways in between, he’s developed expertise in human development, generating and using internal energy to restore health, relax, focus, be successful and connect with and live.

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Free Gift:  https://www.timothystuetz.com/3magicwands

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Three Key Points:

We all are special and unique with so much to share with the rest of the world. We are meant to bring all of who we are to the world, our relationships and the way that we shoe up. The world truly needs us to be all that we are.

N our journey we go through rhythmic stages or knowing, forgetting, awakening and remembering. Each stage is important in our understanding of who we are and why we are on earth living the life we are living.

When we understand that everything we experience is part of the rhythmic cycle, we can better understand our journey and see how everything comes together to support it.

Show Notes:

4:47 – Timothy shares more about his life and what brought him to the point where he knew he wanted to write and share children’s books.

8:12 – Learn what was the inspiration for Timothy to pursue his childhood love of books and began writing.

12:17 – We discuss what it is that we forget and why it is important to getting back to remembering and awakening.

15:03 – Timothy tells us what caused him to forget who he is and how rules were imposed on him.

17:47 – Timothy shares his path of remembering what he had forgotten about life and who he is.

22:53 – He learned his daughter hadn’t forgotten and shares how he encouraged her connection to that understanding.

27:02 – Learn what Timothy’s children stories are about and how they are meant to make a difference.

28:07 – Timothy shares this of his books are his favorite stories and why he loves them.

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