171: Weeks To LIve with Cary Johnson

In this episode of The Miracle You podcast with your host Vince Kramer of Imagine Miracles and his very special guest Cary Johnson talk about the events in life that get our attention and why. Cary shares how he finally learned after two separate brushes with death that there are only two kinds of days Good Ones and Great Ones.

Cary Johnson

When people hear Cary’s life story, they ask him – “What haven’t you done?” The answer is always “Not Much”. He grew up in the Pittsburgh Suburbs, after Penn State, he was on track to continue working in his father’s business — Recession hit –

He joined the Air Force, completed his BS, Officer Training and Flight School and spent the next 15 years flying, scheduling, training and having a blast – then the adventure began. 

I was honored to meet and fly with Cary in the Air Force. For all you Top Gun Fans, his call sign is “Frosty.”

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Three Key Points:

We are meant to enjoy our lives and what we do. When we are sharing those things we are good at and love to do, we are at our happiest and most fulfilled times. Life wasn’t meant to be good enough.

We are constantly getting reminders that is time to follow our callings and to pay attention to what we are feeling. Despite what we have been taught in the past, we are meant to find joy in every aspect of our lives. 

Our wake up calls are meant to bring us into a new understanding. They encourage us to look at things differently and to then follow the promptings or messages that help us see and lead us into that new way of living and hopefully into a new way of being.

Show Notes:

3:56 – Learn about Cary Johnson and how he as moved through his life enjoying and taking advantage of every opportunity that presented itself.

14:25 – Cary shares his wake up calls that are beyond the ones most of us experience. Death knocked on his door not just once but twice.

19:03 – Like many of us, Cary didn’t really pay attention to his wake up call initially and how not knowing if he was going to wake up from anesthesia.

21:21 – Cured of cancer, he was dying from the inside out from the damaging of chemotherapy.

22:39 – Cary tells us how important his family was in the process of learning to pay attention to the messages he was getting.

25:24 – He shares how he decided to make his life different despite the challenges around him.

29:42 – Cary gives us some insight how he has chosen to live his purpose and find joy and fulfillment in his life.

32:06 – Are we meant to retire or is there more waiting for us. In his being given a second chance, Cary shares his thoughts.

33:45 – Two times Cary was only weeks from death and it changed how he looks at life and people.

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