178: An Amazing Life with Rashanna Jackson

Join your host of The Miracle You podcast of Imagine Miracles and his special guest Rashanna Jackson in this episode as we learn more about Rashanna’s story and the difference she intends to make in the world. Rashanna shares that we all can show up unapologetically and live in our truth.

Rashanna Jackson

Rashanna Jackson is a Transformation Expert and Coach that specializes in TRANSFORMING THE WORLD OF Executives!!  She has spent 20+ years developing and coaching Non-Exempt Associates and Exempt Senior Executives through multiple phases of their careers.  Rashanna has often been referred to as genuine, humble, intuitive, caring, and honest, she will tell you like it is and is known as the realest HR person you will ever meet.

Rashanna is passionate about helping others live in their truth, while empowering them to embrace and love themselves so that they show up in their authenticity in every interaction. Rashanna believes it is important for people to be comfortable and confident in who they are because no one can give 100% in life or love if you they are not being their whole self.

As a former HR Executive for TJX, Inc. , Rashanna loves to see people grow and develop through intentional dialog, hands on experience and impactful exercises.  Rashanna has been quoted as saying “There is nothing more powerful than leading a speaking engagement or facilitating a workshop that allows people to be free to learn and express themselves without judgement or fear. To then to see the Aha’s happening right in front of you leaves me as a speaker/ facilitator believing I am serving in my purpose”.

Rashanna’s mission is to help people build confidence to show up unapologetically and release their power from within so that they can live in their truth, love themselves and still reach their highest potential. 

Episode Resources:

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Email:  ramazinglifestyle@gmail.com

Three Key Points:

We have a tendency to belief or at least subconsciously feel that we have to be or act a certain way around different people or groups of people.  We put on the mask required for our job or relationships.

Every person on the planet is special and unique. We have something to offer that no one else does and it is meant to be shared. We can only do that if we first know ourselves and all that we have to offer the world.

When you know and love yourself you can feel comfortable and confident in showing up authentically in the world. You will then attract those like minded and like hearted people who have been looking for you.

Show Notes:

4:08 – Rashanna shares more about who she is and what she is doing in the world to make a difference.

6:10 – Learn what got Rashanna’s attention and why she felt it was time to changes the direction of her life to be on purpose.

9:31 – We talk about getting messages, where to find them and the importance of listening to them.

12:22 – Rashanna shares what it means to be living in your authenticity and you can live it and celebrate it.

14:48 – Learn why we are afraid or reluctant to live our authentic lives in a world that has tried to define us.

18:58 – How do we learn to be comfortable in being authentic in every aspect of out lives.

22:25 – We talk about beliefs and why we tend to hold on to ones that we don’t really benefit from but aren’t sure we can live without.

26:35 – How do we live authentically if we haven’t taken the time to know ourselves in a way we can be authentic.

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