180: Loving Kindness with Wendy Nash

In this episode of The Miracle You podcast with your host Vince Kramer of Imagine Miracles, join Vince and his special guest Wendy Nash as they discuss life transformation. Wendy shares her story of leaving a world behind that had her burnout and unhappy.  She shares the power of meditation for her in changing her life.

Wendy Nash

Wendy Nash is a Meditation Coach. The company name says it all: Kindly Cut The Crap. Wendy teaches startup entrepreneurs the art of introspection to navigate the emotionally, physically and financially taxing process of founding a business. She believes the CEO is the foundation of whether a company does well and her observation is that whatever the CEO isn’t owning within themselves is what gets played out at work. Her approach is to be kind and direct in order to see what’s hidden in the blind spot. 

Wendy has a 4-year somatic psychotherapy diploma and a Bachelor of Psychology Honors thesis studied the effects of loving-kindness meditation on prosocial behavior. She currently studies a 2-year diploma of Mindfulness & Compassion at the Insight Meditation Institute. She’s been practicing loving-kindness and other meditations for almost 20 years. If you think loving-kindness meditation is only for the soft and weak, bring to mind someone who rejected you and wish them kindness and care – it’s tough!

Episode Resources:

Official Website:  www.kindlycutthecrap.com

LinkedIn:  @wendy-nash

Email:  wendy@kindlycutthecrap.com

Three Key Points:

We go through life trying to be the best that we can be. Following the rules that have been put in front of us. We want to feel happy. We want to feel fulfilled. We want to have and experience a life of our desires. But, we may not know how to get there.

As we go through life we tend to believe as we accumulate more knowledge and information that we know everything that we need to know. We begin to believe that our perspective in the only truth, the way it is. We don’t leave room for others to have their truth.

When you can move into a state of love, kindness, compassion, you can see that the underlying desires of all of us are basically the same. When we come from our concern for others we find our joy in the world.

Show Notes:

6:19 – Wendy shares what in important to her and how she supports people in the world.

11:28 – Learn how Wendy was given the messages that it was time to move beyond the jobs that she was unhappy with.

15:50 – We discuss the blindspots that we all have in understanding life, the world, and the universe.

22:06 – Wendy shares her feeling on truths and on people having different ones. Learn how she sees a way to navigate these times.

27:28 – Learn what the Love and Kindness Meditation is all about and the effect it can have on our lives.

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