183: Faith, Love and Youth with Cierra Bobo

Join us for this episode of The Miracle You with your host Vince Kramer of Imagine Miracles and his special guest Cierra Fly Bobo. Vince and Cierra discuss the difference Cierra has made in the world and how life has provided her opportunities to seek wisdom and grow into the person she is. Cierra shares her thoughts and feelings on how we can all do the same.

Cierra Fly Bobo

Cierra Fly Bobo is no stranger to the world of entrepreneurship and creativity. Formerly known as the artist FLY Musiq, Cierra has performed on stages in front of thousands, releasing her debut album in 2012, and becoming an author, writing and selling three books within two years. 

In 2010, she created FLY Life Inc., a nonprofit for young girls, that has mentored and influenced over 1000 girls in her hometown of College Park, GA. A social activist, speaker, author, and a certified Nonviolence365 trainer with The King Center, Cierra spends time speaking to youth and adults across the country about nonviolence, the authenticity of self, and what it means to be full of faith, full of love, and full of youth (FLY). 

In June 2020, Fly is entered new territory by launching her fashion line, entitled June Marie, named after her birth month and mother Maria. Since she began styling and creating fashion looks since the age of 8, Cierra’s return to her first love is a chance to celebrate her identity and pay homage to her parents and the journey that has brought them this far. Cierra uses her philosophy “style your identity”; to show others that the story we tell through fashion is simply the story we hide in our hearts. 

That is what Cierra Fly Bobo and the June Marie Brand are all about; celebrating identity and helping others see themselves through the lens of authenticity. Fly is a certified business woman known for her genuine, yet fierce presence. No matter where she is and where she goes in life, she strives to represent what being FLY is all about.

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Twitter:  @cierraflybobo

Email: 1flyenterprise@gmail.com

Three Key Points:

We all have the opportunity to make a difference. We can take our experiences in life and become an influencer. We can be more of who we are meant to be by looking for the opportunities to share what we have learned.

Who you are is the energy of you, but how you show up in the world is a choice. Do you allow yourself to be influenced by the world around you or do you show up authentically and express your identity?

Seeking out wisdom is the path towards quantum leaps in your life. Learn from those you attract into you life and then you get to choose if the wisdom, knowledge or experiences of these people work for you.

Show Notes:

3:40 – Guest Cierra Fly Bobo shares what she is bringing to the world in a way that she is making a difference to help others make a difference.

6:07 – Cierra shares with us what it means to FLY in every aspect of our life and how it relates to purpose.

9:35 – Learn what Cierra learned from some of the more difficult times in her life and how they went into who she is now.

13:27 – We discuss the importance of looking for wisdom and how we can look for the wisdom that will help us develop beliefs that empower us.

15:09 – It takes motivation to implement the wisdom we learn in live. Cierra wants to leave a different world in her dash.

17:06 – Cierra shares her experiences of childhood and her desire to express her true self and how it lead to her business.

18:46 – Cierra shares how her business June Marie also helps others express their true selves.

21:51 – Learn how Cierra believes our clothes matching our energy changes our life in a positive way.

25:16 – Learn about a passion of Cierra’s, Nonviolence365 and what she learned and shares with people.

26:56 – I ask ask Cierra what she would like to see our world look like through her work and the eyes of possibility.

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