125: Moments of Passion with Beau Brant

In this episode of The Miracle U Podcast, host Vince Kramer of Imagine Miracles discusses with airline Captain and pianist Beau Brant what it is like to have two passions and live them both. Beau shares an original song at the end of the episode.

Beau Brant at the pianoBeau is an airline pilot and pianist.  He has been playing the piano since he was three and flying commercially for 22 years. He is currently an airline Captain on the Airbus at a major airline flying out of Denver Colorado. Beau paid for some of his flight training by playing piano in bars, restaurants, weddings and loves to play at special events to create a mood and bring people together.

As a mentor for young aviators, he loves to guide their path as it’s such a rewarding and challenging career. In everything he does, he shares the example to be present and enjoy each moment and not wish you were in the future vs where you are right now.

As a pianist, he has 6 albums of original and cover music on ITunes, Spotify, Amazon Music. He even plays on his layovers, in certain US cities to get crew members together with the locals he has met in his travels. He loves people, conversation and giving back.

Episode Resources:

Official Website: BeauBrant.com

Facebook: @BeauBrant

Instagram: @BeauBrant

Email: [email protected]

Three Key Points:

The world is a busy place, mostly because that is the way it has become with instant access to almost everything. In the busyness we have lost sight of just how amazing we each are and how truly unique we are with a set of gifts and talents that no one else has in that combination.

If we can learn to take the time to share this combination, we can make a difference. We will light people up and support them in in making their difference. We have to master the present moment so we can stay aligned with the true reason we chose to live this life during this time.

We all have moments of passion in our lives. When we take the time to appreciate these moments we support ourselves in living in our highest vibration. We are meant to live that way in support of who we are and why we are here. it is truly our birthright.

Show Notes:

3:46 – Beau Brant shares about who he is and his real passions in his life and about living them together.

6:58 – There are many things in our lives that affect us along the way, Beau shares some of his.

11:22 – What is it like to have two passions and how to find time to experience both of them in your life.

14:33 – His love of people and his job has set him apart for many in his industry and his customers. Building his team is important to that end.

17:54 – Beau shares how his early life experiences and the influences of his mother and grandmother formed his beliefs about customers.

19:46 – Discover how each passion made him better at the other and the magic of them together.

22:20 – Learn Beau’s secret of living both of his passions at the same time.

25:02 – Beau describes his divine intent and the difference he hopes to make by living it as fully as possible.

26:41 – Learn what is next and how Beau would like to go over the next several years.

29:45 – I get Beau to share the Italy story that he teased us with earlier in the podcast.

32:00 – Learn how to get some of Beau’s original music to share with those that are important in your life.

36:52 – Beau plays his original song “The Crumbling Wall” with us to end the show.

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