182: Beyond Our Habits with Julie Miller Davis

Welcome to this episode of The Miracle You podcast with your host Vince Kramer of Imagine Miracles. In this episode Vince welcomes his special guest Julie Miller Davis as they talk about beliefs, habits and patterns. Julie shares her story and how she has used her life experiences to help hundreds be more productive and in turn more successful in life and business.

Julie Miller Davis

A driven entrepreneur serving others by helping them reach their goals, Julie Miller Davis works with business owners and leaders to reset their productivity patterns, become more efficient, and bust through road blocks to reach their goals with excellence.  An award winning coach and trainer, Julie has led and developed highly successful teams, helped hundreds escalate their own businesses and achieve goals they may never have thought possible.  Even in the year of the pandemic, many of Julie’s clients under her watch broke 6 figures for the first time!  Her super power of out-of-the-box thinking uncovers new ways to solve business stagnation, resulting in growth and propelling her clients into new and exciting directions.

Julie’s out-of the-box thinking, knowledge on how to say yes to what is important and no to what is not, and ability to help you regain control of your pursuit of your goals makes her one to watch in the world of productivity, prioritizing, and efficiency.    Her background in teaching, leadership, and entrepreneurship have shaped her into the expert speaker and trainer she is today.  

Episode Resources:

Official Website:  Juliemillerdavis.com

Instagram:  @JMDProductivity

Facebook:  @Juliemillerdavis15

Free Gift:  Juliemillerdavis.com/5tips

Email:  [email protected]

Three Key Points:

We as human being are actually amazing in our design. We learn and through repetition we make the things we do over and over again automatic. We do them with out thinking and with little effort.

We develop beliefs, habits and patterns that become our go to way of dealing with situations and doing things. Not all of the beliefs, habits and patterns support us in living the life we want.

We can become aware of these old habits and patterns that get us stuck or keep us stuck. Once we are aware, we must choose if they are supporting us in living life our way or they are disempowering us and keeping us stuck in ways that continue to hold us back.

Show Notes:

3:57 – Our guest Julie Miller Davis shares more about who she is and what she wants to bring to the world.

7:22 – Learn how the talents and gifts of the past have come together to be powerful aspects of helping people be more productive and successful.

11:04 -We talk about the belief that we are working all the time and the habits and pattern around it.

13:35 – Learn how habits around time and productivity can keep us stuck and what we can do about it.

17:08 – We tend to want to move from where we are right now to working on everything we need to work on all at once.  Learn how we can move through a habit an pattern change a step at a time.

20:29 – Learn where stuckness comes from when it comes to our productivity.

22:45 – We talk frustration and where it comes from and how we can decide to move forward and get help doing it.

25:30 – Julie shares examples of some of her clients’ successes.

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