002: Stepping Into the Unknown with Dr Bob Uslander

In this episode of The Miracle You with your host Vince Kramer of Imagine Miracles, you will meet Dr Bob Uslander. Dr Bob is the founder of Integrated Care MD. Dr Bob shares with us his mission and his passion of helping the living and the dying find peace and dignity in the final months of life. He has developed a model to completely change our outlook and experience with death.

Dr Bob Uslander

“Dr. Bob” has been practicing medicine for more than 25 years. His concierge palliative care practice, Integrated MD Care, includes a team of holistic practitioners serving the elderly, those experiencing complex illness, and those needing end-of-life care or aid-in-dying assistance.

Dr. Bob is dedicated to helping people live with joy and without fear and struggle at any stage of life. He is dedicated to helping patients live, and die, with more peace and dignity, on their own terms. Dr. Bob is also the host of a podcast, “A Life and Death Conversation.”

Episode Resources:

For guidance or one-on-one conversation email Dr Bob directly: [email protected].

Website: www.integratedmdcare.com

Facebook: Dr Bob Uslander

Three Key Points:

Dr Bob is changing the paradigm of how people die be changing the conversation.

It is important to be willing to go beyond what we know and step into the unknown.

Dr Bob finds joy in helping the dying take the fear fear out of what they are dealing with and giving them the most meaningful life and peaceful, dignified death he can give them.

Show Notes:

4:07 – Death isn’t the enemy. it can be beautiful and peaceful.

7:00 – Palliative Care takes an holistic, integrated approach into providing care for people with complex illnesses.

12:08 – Learn about the mission of Dr Bob’s company and non-profit organization.

13:03 – Dr Bob’s wake-up call that changed his life.

17:00 – Very powerful story illustrating the pains of the dying and their family.

19:51 – Dr Bob’s core value…connection. He explains how he can now bring it to his medical practice.

22:32 – Dr Bob’s mission is to bring the conversation about the end of life to the world and share his palliative care model so others can do the same.

28:43 – Dr Bob shares some heartfelt guidance on how to honor the people in your life.

30:35 – How to get in touch with Dr Bob.

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