004: The Magic of a Common Mission with Bob Kittridge

Join us for this episode of The Miracle You podcast with your host Vince Kramer of Imagine Miracles and meet Bob Kittridge. Bob shares the power of community and common mission. You will learn about the importance of taking action and finding environments where you can live out your purpose.

Robert Kittridge

Bob Kittridge is an internationally recognized mentor, speaker, trainer and coach in the areas of leadership, personal and team development. He is a Founding Partner and certified John Maxwell Coach, Speaker and teacher.

Bob works with corporate and political leaders by facilitating leadership development and transforming how they communicate and connect. He has the unique insight and understanding of how people react during critical times in their lives and what motivates and inspires them.

He is the founder of Kittridge Connection, a leadership and personal development company that equips individuals, entrepreneurs, thought leaders and organizations with high performance solutions to generate continuous improvement in personal effectiveness and business results.

Episode Resources:

Website: www.kittridgeconnection.com

Free Coaching Training: www.kittridgeconnection.com

Free “History of My Future” Session: Email Bob at [email protected], in the Subject put “History of My Future Session), in body tell Bob why you would like a session with him or Nancy. Don’t forget to mention The Miracle U.

Three Key Points:

Community empowers us to live our mission in the world in a more effective and positive way. In coming together, a group magnifies your influence.

You have to take action in life. We are all getting messages throughout life. It isn’t just getting the messages. You have to take action.

Sometimes as individuals and corporations change isn’t required, just the ability and understanding how to adapt for the greater good.

Show Notes:

4:24 – Bob shares how he and his wife Nancy have brought two purposes together in one mission.

5:29 – Bob explains how through synergy, they help people in “igniting ordinary outcomes into extraordinary life experiences.”

8:49 – Two crisis wake up calls were instrumental in helping Bob change his life so he could help others change their lives.

10:50 – Bob shares his biggest self-limiting belief and how he learned you can create the “history of your future.

13:15 – A miracle in Bob’s life was his wife Nancy.

16:39 – Bob share the next big step that he and Nancy want to take.

18:57 – Bob talks about how the work force is disengaged because they aren’t on purpose.

26:47 – Bob shares his guidance on being you.

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