013: Sharing for the Good of All with Joe Turcotte

In this episode of The Miracle You join your host Vince Kramer of Imagine Miracles and his special guest Joe Turcotte (the man that ran across America) while they discuss why it’s so critical that you find your passion and purpose and share it with the world for the good of all people. Joe shares his unique story about going down a self-sabotaging and destructive path, then turning his life around to win several awards for fitness and running marathons.

Joe Turcotte

For over 30 years Joe Turcotte worked “Fun” jobs: Personal Trainer, Fitness Director, Triathlon Coach and photographer.

All these jobs required a high level of public interaction including meeting and assisting people in realizing their full potential. However, none of them provided financial security.

Joe has multiple noble accomplishments, such as triathlete of the year from Pikes Peak Triathlon Club in 2006 and 2009. He won the Denver News Channel 7 KMGH Everyday Hero Award in 2006. Also he has competed in over 100 multisport, cycling and running events (including 11 Ironmans, Ironman Hawaii, and several Pikes Peak Marathons).

Most recently Joe has qualified for the Boston Marathon at the Denver REVEL Canyon City Marathon. Joe recently completed 6 Million Steps of Gratitude, a self-supported run across America from Boston to Oceanside CA. He raised $30,000 for Canine Companions for Independence and Achilles International Pikes Peak Chapter.

Episode Resources:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/6millionstepsofgratitude/

Three Key Points:

Passion and purpose are so important to us because it allows us to fill our lives with the things we want and are good at. Unfortunately, many of us believe that passion has to look a certain way, or it has to be a certain thing.

Living your purpose is about taking what you truly enjoy, your gifts and talents, and sharing them to make a difference in the world. The world needs it.

Jack Canfield says, “You wouldn’t have a dream unless you can accomplish it.” We all have the strength, courage, determination, and power to accomplish our dreams within ourselves.

Show Notes:

5:59 — Joe shares his insight on when he realized that success wasn’t what he thought it was. He thought it was about finding the perfect job, finding the perfect career, generate wealth, etc. But none of those pursuits did it for him.

9:41 — Although his job was sucking the life out of him, Joe found inspiration through volunteering and charity. He realized there’s so much more to life.

11:24 — Vince and Joe discuss the power of gratitude and how it can tremendously impact your life and vibration.

13:09 — Self-sabotaging and destructive behaviors was the life that Joe lived when he was younger. A friend committing suicide was a huge wake-up call for Joe to turn his life around. He shares his story on how he was able to do the impossible and overcome something that no one thought he could.

17:39 — Joe shares how losing much of his hearing has affected him and made him alone. He overcame that by forcing himself to talk to strangers, and he shares just how he did it.

21:35 — Now Joe shares his new passion about writing a book to share with the world his unique story. He wants to show people that if they want to accomplish something big, that they can go for it and accomplish their dreams.

24:43 — Vince says that your life is just beginning with your passion and purpose right now. Wake-up calls don’t have to be a bad thing, or tragedy. It can be something very positive in your life.

27:37 — It’s not always about your bank statement, there’s so much more to life, passion, and purpose. Joe shows that you can appreciate even the little things, like personal growth, and positive friends.

29:57 — You already have the strength to achieve big dreams within you. Joe shares how this is true by revealing how he ran across America.

31:33 — Joe shares his piece of guidance on setting goals and achieving them. For Joe, his goal was to run a marathon, so he started researching and training for it. Also tiny little goals to get you to your final goal will dramatically help you get there.

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