064: By the Numbers with Anne Dickinson

Join your host Vince Kramer of Imagine Miracles and Anne Dickinson on this episode of The Miracle You while they talk about finding purpose in business, numbers, and accounting. There is magic in the numbers and if you understand them, you understand your business.

Anne Dickinson

Creator of the Stop the Profit L.E.A.K.S. Formula™, Anne Dickinson isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty as she works side-by-side with business leaders to identify and eliminate money leaks, ignite profits and improve cash flow and liquidity to create a strong, healthy business.

As a speaker, she also shares her wisdom from the stage, inspiring audiences with the knowledge that they aren’t the only ones who feel uncomfortable with all those numbers – and what they can do right now to change that. She helps them get clarity and learn how to get over hurdles by making small adjustments that can have a massive impact on cash flow and profitability.

Anne’s skills in finance, operations and management were developed during a long career in a variety of corporate roles, including Contracts Management, Sales Operations and Treasury Management. Time with a consulting firm that banks brought into businesses on the skids gave her great insight into operational issues while enhancing her finance skills even further. She has an MBA from Babson College, has worked in the Defense and High Tech industries, packaged and sold assets, dissected and improved operations, set upTreasury departments, and owned successful entrepreneurial ventures. Now small business owners and business leaders seek Anne out for her professional expertise to improve cash flow, profits and operations.

Episode Resources:

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Three Key Points:

So many of us believe that our purpose or mission in life has to be something we consider “huge.” Something we consider that it would change the world in a big way, that it becomes so overwhelming for us to accomplish. Each of us has a mission that is specific for the gifts and talents that we’ve developed over our lifetime. 

When you find your purpose and what you enjoy doing, then it doesn’t feel like work. It’s feeding yourself and feeding others because your vibrations are so high. 

Regardless of how tragic your wakeup calls may be, there’s always lessons you can learn and gifts that you can then share with the rest of the world to make it a better place for everyone.

Show Notes:

4:44 – Starting in 3rd grade in her entrepreneurial world selling baked goods, Anne Dickinson learned early on how to make money. Afterwards, she shares her story of being in a corporate entrepreneurial career for 20 years.

7:00 – Suffering through blindness, Anne shares how she had to figure out her path and purpose, and dive deeper within herself to discover who she really was.

9:00 – Vince points out the gifts that he sees in Anne, and shares with the ImagineNation how powerful using your gifts to help others is.

10:18 – Data for the sake of data is a waste of time, instead Anne shares that if you can take that data and use it to make smart directions for where you want to go.

11:56 – Anne’s mission is to help business owners stay in healthy businesses. 

14:30 – Going through blindness was a huge wakeup call for Anne, and she believes that she’s incredibly lucky. Having disabilities like that can be very depressing and life-changing.

19:46 – Even though she went through a tragic wakeup call, Anne shares the gifts that came out of everything, and how it ultimately brought her to where she is today.

21:12 – Anne shares an experience of how she completely transformed and grew a business by half-a-million dollars.

25:31 – Think and learn how to think. Anne shares about her event on transformation.

28:19 – The fundamental thing you can do for your business and keep your numbers and accounting information up to date. Even if you don’t understand them, keep them up to date because it will help you in the end.

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