184: Energetic Shift with Joya Sosnowski

Welcome to this episode of The Miracle You with your host Vince Kramer of Imagine Miracles. In this episode Vince and his special guest Joys Sosnowski talk about how you can heal your trauma using sound. Joya shares her journey from a traumatic childhood to using her experiences to help others on their journey.

Joya Sosnowski

Joya Sosnowski, MMT, B.Msc., is an internationally recognized Healing Arts Facilitator and owner of Vibologie, where she helps Divinely Guided women liberate themselves from trauma and step into their Soul’s Expression. She is a Metaphysical Minister and Spiritual Counselor, the Founder of VIBE RAISER, whose mission is 1 BILLION VOICES RAISING THE VIBRATION TO LOVE, is an online content creator via YouTube and online courses, a best-selling author, host of the We Woke Up Like This podcast, a wife and mother to two young adults.

Joya has many certifications and trainings, including being a UCLA trained mindfulness trainer, Metaphysical Minister and USM Spiritual Psychology coach. She continually seeks out and studies sound,  voice and spirituality with mentors from around the world. She uses all that she’s learned to work with the quantum, energetic vibrational realm + practices grounded in positive psychology and neuroscience, to help facilitate transformational life-changing experiences for her clients. She creates practices that lead to transformation to be easier and way more fun, so that people will do them.

A survivor of severe childhood trauma, living on the streets and being tossed in and out of group & foster homes as a teenager, she survived a suicide attempt at 21, and knows what it’s like to feel utterly alone, lost in the darkness of hopeless depression, and stuck in the traumatic story of fear and unworthiness. She views her younger years as the training ground for her profound compassion, empathy, strength, resilience and JOY! Being on the other side of that darkness she knows it’s her mission to now light the way for others.

She has appeared on FOX TV, Sonoran Living TV, Phoenix Living, Multiple Online Summits, and in many other print media publications and magazines. 

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Three Key Points:

We all have experienced trauma in our lives at one time or another.  Even though we tend to compare that trauma to what others have experienced, we still are affected by that trauma in our lives.

The body stores the trauma and emotions and we are programmed to react to thoughts and other stimuli that takes us back to the trauma. When we are triggered we experience the same chemical reactions in our body that we experienced during the actual event.

We can free ourselves from this control that the past has over us and reprogram the body to no longer support the trauma and the automatic reactions. We can find gratitude for the past because how it assists us in being more of who we are.

Show Notes:

3:06 – Joya shares with us more about herself and how she uses sound to assist people in healing themselves.

6:36 – We learn about the trauma in Joya’s life that were motivators to her following her calling.

15:42 – We discuss how our timing is ours alone in awakening, and making choices to live life a new way.

17:45 – I ask Joya to share the difference in shame or guilt from her perspective.

19:20 We talk about healing yourself from guilt even though we call it fix yourself.

22:56 – Learn about catching your thoughts that create the body reactions and the body reactions that create the thoughts.

26:00 – Joya shares some of the experiences that others have had from working with her.

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