185: On The Road To Joy with Victoria Wolf

Join your host Vince Kramer of Imagine Miracles in this episode of The Miracle You podcast and his special guest Victoria Wolf as they share Victoria’s interesting journey in life. Victoria shares her journey of self discovery and setting out to live her life her way. She gives us an understanding of how life can lead us to the joy we deserve.

Victoria Wolf

Victoria is a graphic designer, chef, artist, and nomad. Along with her husband, Rich, she travels the country living, working, cooking, and exploring full-time in their fifth-wheel RV. After years of living a conventional life lacking in adventure and satisfaction, she now unapologetically lives a life that feeds her soul. 

An entrepreneur for over thirty years, Victoria learned to “bob and weave” to keep her business successful and brings that much-needed flexibility to her nomadic life. She hopes her story will inspire others to embark on the journey toward creating a life that brings them joy.

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Three Key Points:

We all have yearnings, desires and callings. They want us to be, do, and have everything in our lives to live fully and express who we are in our own unique way. They want us to share all of who we are.

Our life is a story, a true hero’s journey. It is full of ups and downs, joy and sorrow. It is our creation to be all of who we are meant to be. It is a life that prepares us and gives us the opportunity to truly make a difference.

Our story needs to be told, shared with the world so those who need to hear, see, or feel our words can learn and grow from them. When we share our journey, we not only help others, but we heal ourselves.

Show Notes:

3:05 – We learn about Victoria”s life with her husband’s adventure and how they are building their life around being on the road.

4:54 – Learn how finding her soulmate and following a joint passion brought about a business about for her and her husband Rich.

9:25 – Victoria shares how difficult it was to lose their business, but how it was a gift.

11:52 – Victoria shares how she is now doing what she really loves doing and how she has teamed with Rich to help self-publishing authors.

14:38 – We learn about some of the experiences that Victoria has shared with the authors/publishers she has worked with.

17:34 – I ask Victoria why it is important to share our story with others.

21:09 Victoria shares the contents of her book and the process and healing she experienced.

24:56 – We discuss finding what brings you joy and just start doing it even though you have rejected it before.

27:31 – Learn more reasons why stories are so important and why you should share yours.

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