189: Open Your Backpack with Naranjan Nota

Welcome to this episode of The Miracle You podcast. In this episode, your host Vince Kramer of Imagine Miracles and his special guest Narajan Nota discuss the effects of our environment on us and how we can grow and expand. Narajan shares how she learned she was living by the opinions and beliefs of others and how it held her back. Learn about her new ways of thinking and being.

Naranjan Nota

Naranjan Nota is a Spiritual Guide, Mentor & Teacher. She helps you identify how others’ opinions and judgments may deter you from meeting your goals, both personally and professionally. Naranjan spent over 15 years in the corporate and not-for-profit sectors as an employee and consultant. Simultaneously, she spent over two decades learning and reigniting her energetic gifts, working with the unseen higher realms and bringing them into a form for humans to understand and process energetically. She dives deep into the core karmic issues that manifest as anxiety, depression, lack of self-esteem/self- worth, and a fear of being visible, and transforms them into understanding, knowledge, and wisdom resulting in joy, peace, and an enhanced feeling of compassion towards oneself and others. She invites you on a courageous journey to transform to your true self. Now is the time to embrace the infinite possibilities that await you to integrate the mind, body, spirit, and soul. Naranjan is also the host of a podcast, Master of Your Crafts, where she interviews individuals who are masters of their craft. They have harnessed and taken ownership of a gift, talent, or skill that is so innate to them to bring healing to the world. The podcast aims to uncover the inner dialogue, action and life circumstances, all combined in a deep conversation that to offer listener’s words of wisdom to empower and guide them to be owners master of their crafts.

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Three Key Points:

As we go through life we continuously are affected and influenced by our environment. Bruce Lipton shares that the environment is the catalyst for what we believe.

If we carry our experiences with us and use them to define ourselves, we begin to get weighed down and overloaded. We eventually get stuck and mired in the mud and muck of the beliefs of society and others.

As we examine the circumstances and experiences in our lives that have become the burdens of living our lives at the highest vibrations, we set ourselves free. We release the real and true self into the world.

Show Notes:

4:09 – Naranjan shares what she sees as her purposes and why it is so important for her to live it.

5:57 – Learn how her journey has been a continuous process in realizing the was more for her.

8:28 – Naranjan shares an analogy that she uses of a backpack to illustrate the journey of life before you are called to wake up.

11:24 – Learn some tools you can use to discover and take an inventory of your backpack.

12:37 – I asked Naranjan to share her opinion on there being a gift in everything we experience.

14:01 – We learn about our perceptions as we do the work of discovery and using the “rocks” to our advantage.

15:51 – Naranjan shares how we can experience disease by not understanding what our choices and thoughts have been telling us.

20:12 – Learns some tools and habits to help you as you choose to awaken and follow your calling.

23:16 – Learn the biggest challenge in learning and reigniting our gifts and awareness.

25:23 – Naranjan shares her meaning and explains what she means by the higher realms.

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