194: Mindfully Ready with Leah Marie Mazur

In this special episode of The Miracle You Podcast with your host Vince Kramer of Imagine Miracles, Vince welcomes special guest Leah marie Mazur. Leah is a certified Divorce Recovery Coach. She shares her journey through two divorces.  She share the importance of finding acceptance, rebuilding confidence, and thriving after divorce. Vince and Leah discuss releasing the feelings of guilt, shame and fear and the next steps in living and empowered life.

Leah Marie Mazur

After my divorce, I made two crucial mistakes…which led to my second divorce. That’s when I realized I needed to strengthen the relationship I had with myself in order to find true happiness. I fully invested in rebuilding my self-confidence and falling back in love with myself. This is where I learned the elements that I now teach my clients. 

Everything changed and I learned how to truly love & accept myself, know my worth, and create a life that I loved. I’ve since helped countless women find acceptance, rebuild their self-confidence, and make life after divorce their BEST life.

Leah is a certified Divorce Recovery Coach for women and founder of Mindfully Ready, LLC. 

She specializes in helping women release guilt, shame, & feelings of failure so that they can find acceptance, rebuild their self-confidence, and thrive after divorce. 

She also provides a safe, judgement-free community for women rebuilding after divorce in her private Facebook group Divorced & Empowered.

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Three Key Points:

Our beliefs lead us to make choices in our lives that don’t necessarily support us. We let our fears and worries, even justifications, lead us to choices that may not be in our best interest.

These situations can be very painful and even lead to shutting ourselves off to the world and maybe even ourselves. We experience guilt, shame, judgment and blame. We find them in ourselves and we project them out on others.

When these choices end in an opportunity to wake up to the real you. You can use the gift to learn to love, honor, and respect yourself. You can empower yourself through self-acceptance and forgiveness. It is an opportunity to love yourself unconditionally.

Show Notes:

3:40 – Our special Guest Leah Marie Mazur shares with us more about who she is and what she is doing as a Divorce Recovery Coach.

4:32 – Leah shares with us what the wake up call was for her that helped her see and pursue the work she is sharing with divorced women.

7:00 – We discuss how beliefs had an affect on finding and then staying with a partner.

7:33 – Fear can drive us to do things hastily or without seeing the whole picture. We then find ourselves in places or situations that aren’t supporting us.

8:56 – We discuss why we have the tendency to settle for less than we want or deserve in our relationships.

10:40 – Leah shares with us why it is important to love and accept ourselves first and she helps women do just that.

15:17 – Leah shares how we attract people into our lives and how we can do it in an empowering way.

17:39 – How do we turn our attention to the inside and find the way to love and support ourselves before we help others?

20:08 – Learn how to find the gift in divorce and then use it to move beyond the guilt, the shame, and the feeling of failure.

23:07 – Leah shares how to find yourself and then to start living fully from that foundation.

25:44 – We get some examples on how Leah has helped herself and others navigate the challenges of divorce.

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