212: Spiritual Alignment with Harmony Kwiker

Join us for this episode of The Miracle You podcast with your host Vince Kramer of Imagine Miracles, and his special guest, Harmony Kwiker.  From fire walks to present moment awareness, Harmony’s journey as a healer and teacher took unexpected turns that shaped her unique perspective on life. But it was her latest revelation that left her reeling – and left us wondering, what could it be?

harmony Kwiker

Harmony Kwiker, MA, is a psychotherapist, author, and professor at Naropa University, where she teaches transpersonal counseling. She is also the founder of the Institute for Spiritual Alignment, where she trains practitioners to bridge the divide between traditional and spiritual transformation. In her first book, Reveal: Embody the True Self Beyond Trauma and Conditioning, Harmony does what most experts rarely do—she vulnerably shares her story of transformation while simultaneously empowering readers to discover their truest selves. Her new book, Align: Living and Loving from the True Self, is now available.

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Three Key Points:

It’s common for individuals to feel stuck in the narratives they’ve created about their lives, believing their constructed reality is the absolute truth.

Combining traditional approaches to healing with spiritual transformation is a powerful way to help clients overcome emotional and psychological hurdles. This integrative approach encourages self-awareness, acceptance, and honoring the wisdom of the body.

Living a life that embodies the principles of self-awareness, curiosity, self-love, and acceptance is an essential aspect of being an effective therapist or coach. 

Show Notes:

02:18 – Harmony explains how she founded the Institute for Spiritual Alignment to empower therapists and coaches to support their clients in finding their true selves and living from their deepest place.

07:32 – Harmony  shares her experience of collapsing on the floor, feeling pain, and wanting to end her life before turning towards her pain with the light of conscious awareness, with love and curiosity, and awoke to her spiritual self.

12:45 – Harmony explains that in Gestalt Therapy, they focus on the present moment, and when someone is disrupting their ability to be present, it’s usually due to unresolved experiences from the past.

16:37 – Learn  that when we get stuck in our stories, there is always an unmet need beneath that. By noticing how our body is holding that and honoring the wisdom of the body, we can ask ourselves what emotion needs from us to create repair and become a secure base for ourselves.

18:18 – A discussion about the importance of creating a sense of shared reality where there is room for both perspectives.

20:13 – Harmony discusses the common tendency for people to think that what they need is from other people. She invites clients to pay attention to what they are not knowing and disowned desires, which are often an attempt to find safety.

21:49 – Harmony explains the paradoxical theory of change, which suggests that the more we resist something within ourselves, the more it stays the same.

24:00 – Harmony shares an example of a client who had no connection to her body and was at a decision point in her marriage. Imagine Miracles Resources:

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