218: Mindset Matters with Betsy Clark

Join us for this episode of The Miracle You podcast with your host Vince Kramer of Imagine Miracles, and his special guest, Betsy Clark. Uncover the hidden coach within yourself and embark on a journey of self-discovery like no other. Betsy Clark stumbled upon an extraordinary realization during a seemingly ordinary conversation with a friend. From guiding people in nutrition and interior design, she now empowers women to tap into their own strengths, leaving them transformed and awakened. But what led Betsy to this unexpected twist? How did she transition from shaping others’ homes to shaping their very essence? Prepare to dive deep into the extraordinary story of Betsy Clark and discover the power that lies dormant within you.

Betsy Clark

Betsy has been a successful entrepreneur for 45 years. Previously working in interior design, she created beauty with paint, now she uses words. From refining spaces to reshaping lives. As a Transformation Coach, she now passionately assists women to embrace their distinct strengths, empowering them to find and fearlessly express their authentic voice and to boldly bring their unique strengths forward By placing emphasis on their inherent brilliance, this helps her clients make solid decisions, take action and create momentum to show up as they truly intend; to stand up on the inside and be unstoppable. Betsy lives in Colorado Springs with her husband and many dogs, who are truly “Happy Campers”. They frequently travel in their truck camper to play with their kids and grandkids to soak up the beauty of Colorado and the Wild West.

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Three Key Points:

You unlock the secrets of personal transformation and growth from the inside out by learning to embrace dynamic shifts in your mindset for greater adaptability in life.

It is important to discover your hidden strengths and how to harness them for greater effectiveness in all you do and align your life to your deepest values and find an invigorating purpose in every waking moment.

You will find fulfillment by aligning your life with your core beliefs and purpose by maximizing resources and the support system available to you. 

Show Notes:

01:09 – Betsy explains the importance of shifting our truth and telling ourselves a new story that aligns with our true selves.

04:01 – Betsy shares her journey from being an interior designer to becoming a transformation coach. She highlights a pivotal moment when she realized her passion for coaching and helping others rewrite their stories.

06:28 – Betsy recounts a bicycle accident that led her to question her physical work and seek a new path. This accident sparked a moment of clarity, where she realized her calling as a coach.

09:43 – Betsy discusses the importance of shifting our perspective and focusing on what’s right with us rather than what’s wrong.

17:39 – Betsy discusses the importance of having an open mind and being willing to observe and experiment. She emphasizes the need to change our mindset in order to bring about personal transformation.

18:56 – Betsy uses the analogy of a kaleidoscope to illustrate how our mindsets can be shifted and changed. She highlights the fear of seeing ourselves in a different way.

20:01 – Betsy encourages listeners to embrace their strengths and recognize that bringing their unique strengths to the world can lead to success. She explores the fear of failure and the possibility of success.

24:35 – Betsy discusses the importance of clarity in communication and self-talk. She helps individuals clarify their purpose, mission, and vision, aligning their self-talk with how they want to show up in the world.

31:35 – Betsy shares her personal experience of receiving a cancer diagnosis and encourages listeners to find courage in challenging situations.

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