023: Living from the Heart with Matt Marr

Tune in to this episode of The Miracle You podcast while your host Vince Kramer of imagine Miracles and his special guest Matt Marr talk about how to share authentic, meaningful, and exciting experiences with others. Learn how being willing to put yourself out there lets you live your life more fully.

matt marr

A therapist, podcaster and all-around great guy some even call him the white male Oprah. He admits he doesn’t really know about that, but Matt does love giving a place for people to share their story in the hopes of changing viewers lives for the better. He has been known to say, “I’m gonna let Oprah do her, and I’ll do me.”

He grew in Southern Oklahoma and he just can’t seem to lose the accent. Matt is a lover of stories. From his early days of acting, to getting an undergrad in Opera, to getting a Masters in Clinical Psychology and working with clients–stories are his life.

Matt is known as; THE GUY WHO CAN TALK TO ANYONE / HE ALWAYS CALLS YOU “SUGAR”.  People open up to him within 2 minutes of meeting him. His ideal night is having a glass of wine and knitting away at a baby blanket while watching old Wonder Woman re-runs, as his dog snores on the other end of the couch. Find him at a comic book store “nerding” out for hours. Also when he feels fat because he ate his feelings, going to Richard Simmons’ class in Beverly Hills is maybe one of the most joyous things anyone can do on a Saturday morning. He’s won 2 game shows and is kind of charmed that way. Hopeful. Caring. Warm. Great stand-up.

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Three Key Points:

It’s important to listen without knowing. Listen without having judgement. Many people make assumptions about what someone’s going to say before they even say it. That can stop us from authentically listening and sharing experiences with others.

Each of us have divine missions, passion, and purpose within us. Unfortunately, many of us forget from time to time all about that. Having a sense of mission and purpose can exponentially propel someone forward into living a desirable life.

The definition of passion and purpose is different for everybody. What you’re passionate about may not be the same as the next person, and that’s the beauty of it. Your passion is completely unique, since you are completely unique.

Show Notes:

4:50 — Being a spaceholder for people to find out who they are and who they can be, Matt Marr has open ears for listening to and helping others.

6:04 — Matt Marr shares that “holding space” means it’s okay being vulnerable. When you’re “holding space” you’re not holding judgement. If you can breathe and truly listen, then you can hold space.

8:00 — Sharing his mission to help other people feel valid on this planet, Matt makes people feel that they matter, and they’re not alone.

9:24 — Growing up in Oklahoma, Matt was an outcast that felt alone and different than his peers. Being an aspiring fan of Oprah, a special quote from that show stuck with Matt for years after hearing it. “I will stand in your shoes, until I can stand in my own.” This motivated and inspired him to connect with people that don’t look like him, act like him, etc.

11:07 — Matt found that by asking people what they are most passionate about was the best way to connect with people for him. He gets bored whenever he’s not able to share an authentic decent conversation with someone else.

13:38 — The first thing that people can do is ask themselves what they’re definition of passion is. What’s the definition of success? The definition of passion for Matt is a feeling that he gets that he is doing what his “higher-power” (God, the Universe, etc.) wants him to do.

16:02 — Matt shares how laughter and comedy is so healing. When you’re laughing, you’re truly in the moment and relate to the experience. By laughing or crying, you’re in the realm of the present with the people you share that experience with.

24:55 — There’s nothing holding you back from the life you want to live, except for yourself. Matt shares that the only thing keeping him from who he wants to be, will always be himself.

27:13 — We can cultivate courage, it’s not something we’re born with. Matt shares references from Dr. Brene Brown’s leadership teaching.

31:00 — If you want to be the miracle in your own life, Matt reveals the best place to start is small. Sometimes hearing “be the miracle, or be your hero” can seem like a huge pill to swallow. Instead, if you want to be the miracle in your own life, think “what’s the next best thing I can do?” Matt reveals how to take the next step of being the best you.

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