026: Investing in Yourself with Mike Frost

In this episode of The Miracle You podcast join your host Vince Kramer and his special guest Mike Frost while they talk about why investing in yourself is one of the most important financial decisions you can make. Learn how you are your future.

Mike Frost

Mike Frost is a certified financial planner that cares about his clients in a way that most people in his field don’t. Both young and old are given a plan based on who they are and how they can maximize their investments and turn their lives around. He believes that education, personal care, and individual attention is a necessity in the field he truly loves. Mike has taught thousands of people about financial planning through his courses around the state of Colorado. He has taught at Pikes Peak Community College, the Colorado Springs Education Association, Otero junior college, Mesa State University, and University of Southern Colorado, as well as several other businesses.  He has been recognized as one of the top producers in the state and has an expertise in the study of demographics and how it affects the economics of very many things.

Episode Resources:

Website: https://www.frostfinancialgroup.com

Three Key Points:

Everybody has a divine intent, and it’s the excitement and joy one feels when doing what they love. At the core, it’s really about your unique purpose and sharing your gifts and talents with the people who need them.

By paying attention to current events with governments and the world around us, you’re given clues and warnings about what’s happening with the economy.

Times are changing, and the economy is changing. That’s why it’s so important that we change our thinking too. We need to “keep up with the times” in terms of the economy if we want financial security.

Show Notes:

5:44 — Mike Frost reveals his never-before-shared divine mission, and he discusses how he’s able to drastically turn someone’s life around.

7:45 — Many people made a lot of money, simply by being born and alive at the right place, and the right time during the United State’s history. That’s why millennials are so different, because they’re growing up in a time when they’re not even promised they’ll get social security.

9:30 — The world is changing, especially with our economy. Mike shares a brief story about why it’s so important to pay attention to what’s happening with governments and the world around us.

10:52 — A lot of people believe what’s happened in the last 30 years is going to happen in the next 30 years. There couldn’t be anything further from the truth! If you look at different countries like Italy and Japan, it’s really evidence that shows that times change. Mike shares more about how this all ties together.

12:52 — Mike saw a higher purpose in life, and he shares his story about how he changed his way of thinking about money.

14:25 — The stock market crash of 1987 was a wakeup call for Mike, and it put him down a path to learn anything he could and to read any book he could on finances. Prior to 1987, the Federal Reserve was never on Mike’s “radar,” now he’s paying attention to what’s going on with current events.

16:31 — When business go broke it can be difficult to overcome. During that time, it’s important to invest as much in yourself as you can and learn as much as you can. If you don’t, you may end up at the mercy of someone who doesn’t have your best interests at heart. Mike shares more details about how this can impact people in the real world.

18:03 — Living in New York, Mike was convinced he’d be a Wall Street trader somewhere for the rest of his life. Finding his wife and having kids changed his course a little in life, and Mike shares a heartwarming story about finding true happiness.

23:35 — Mike shares his “why” for his purpose and mission. Helping others is just the beginning, but his why goes so much deeper than that.

25:18 — Vince shares that rules may not be entirely real. Once you have a little bit of knowledge, or even a lot of knowledge, you can look at things more rationally.

26:25 — Mike shares a couple of pieces of the best advice he’s ever received in his life.

28:45 — Vince explains that there can’t be any fear where there’s love.

29:37 — For more study about finances, Mike recommends the books Factfulness by Hans Rosling. Mike also recommends reading Undo It! by Dean Ornish for longevity and living a happier life.

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