010: A Divine Detour, Knocked on Path with Ronda Renee

In this Episode of The Miracle You podcast your host Vince Kramer’s special guest Ronda Renee shares her unique story of how she developed and shares Divine Navigation to help individuals and businesses to discover and navigate their path in life. Ronda brings her unique style and ways of explaining concepts that makes this a joy.

Ronda Renee

Ronda has been called a modern day mystic with “x-­ray vision for your soul.” An international speaker, facilitator, three time best-­selling author, Life Fulfillment and Spiritual Business Mentor, Ronda has the unique ability for making the mystical practical.

Having learned that all the “things” we think will make us happy never quite seem to, Ronda went on an intense inner exploration that led her to discovering her life’s work of teaching people how to live, love and work from their soul.

As the creator of Your Divine Navigation System®, Ronda teaches you how to align with your unique energetic soul signature, your Divine Coordinates®, enabling you to fully embrace your Divine Design and live a life of deep meaning, purpose and satisfaction.

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Three Key Points:

Going through life and checking all the boxes that everyone else says you should check won’t necessarily bring the happiness you want.

No matter what mistakes you think you have made in your life, you are the one with the power to create the life that you want and deserve.

Just because you experience a divine detour or two along the way doesn’t mean you are going to miss out on what is meant for you.

Show Notes:

2:15 – Ronda shares how her knowing didn’t fit into a traditional box and she knew there had to be much more.

4:08 – A failed second marriage was the wake-up call that sent Ronda on the search for her true path and meaning in life. She sees it as a divine detour that knocked her on path.

5:49 – We have a tendency to not listen to our guidance and completely miss signs that are sent our way. We even explain them away as coincidence.

9:10 – Ronda shares the importance of waiting for a prompt and making sure we are in alignment before making a decision.

10:50 – Ronda shares about her signature work, Divine Navigation and the difference it can make in the world.

12:54 – Even after you know your Divine Coordinates and you are following your guidance, life still happens. You have the choice in how you want to show up in it.

16:40 – Ronda shares her next step in bringing her life changing work to the world. She is ready to share her message even more widely.

20:10 – For entrepreneurs that have a big vision for the world and so much to give, you must remember you have to give what you want to share with the world to yourself first.

22:20 – Ronda shares that your purpose isn’t a job or a mission, it is a state of being.

27:00 – Ronda reminds us that the world needs us and what we have to bring to the world.

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