009: Discovery in Self-Reflection with Lable Braun

In this episode of The Miracle You with your host Vince Kramer of Imagine Miracles, you will meet Lable Braun a mystic and a philosopher. Lable will share his definition of each and about his journey of self-discovery that he calls the Hermit’s Path. Lable’s shares what he has learned on his path and how he is ready to bring it all to the world. This is a very intriguing episode and will leave you wanting more.

Lable Braun

Lable Braun is a mystic and a philosopher. He is a story-teller and some consider him a teacher, though he would never claim that title.

He feels if his words and energy do not move people, his accreditations should not either – so he does not share them. Like Socrates, he considers himself a midwife who helps to bring the wisdom that is already alive inside us into the light of day.

He has spent the last eight years on what he calls the Hermit’s Path, looking deep inside himself for how we connect to the universe. And he is ready to share some of what he has found.

Episode Resources:

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Three Key Points:

It’s about understanding what we don’t know instead of focusing on what we do know, that allows us to experience life in a new way, and to open ourselves up to learn and grow. As we learn more we increase our consciousness and awareness.

Life is an experiment. It’s important to learn from teachers, experts, gurus, etc. But it is important test that knowledge in your own life, and see if it works for you.

Life is important, but not at all serious. Treat life like a game, and don’t take it or yourself so seriously.

Show Notes:

3:57 — Lable shares why it’s important to discover new things about yourself that you didn’t know, and share the knowledge with others.

6:32 — The process of learning is not about gaining new knowledge, it’s about forgetting what you already know. Lable shares how to listen to the divine voice within us to gain knowledge.

8:28 — Lable shares his divine intent and mission to break away the trap of certainty in people. He creates a window to show people that there’s a different way to see the world than the way they think they are certain it is.

10:25 — Lable shares his most significant wake-up call, when he realized that nobody knows everything. That’s when he realized that nothing is certain.

14:02 — Lable reveals that his wake-up call taught him that if he’s going to figure out anything about this world, he’s going to have to do it from the inside. He listens to the wisdom of others, but he tests the knowledge against his own personal experiences.

14:26 — Vince reveals that there are many truths for many people, but someone else’s truth may not be yours.

15:55 — Lable reveals another wake-up call that taught him how to find out who he really is and how to be himself.

17:35 — Another tragic wake-up call for Lable when he was laid off from his employer. Lable discovered that by being himself he not only got his job back, but was eventually promoted to a Director of his organization.

23:52 — Lable shares a beautiful miracle about his mother’s prediction about her death. His mother told Lable about a vision she had about her own funeral and that she was happy. She connected with God and her deceased family, and she wanted everyone to know that she’s happy and peaceful.

27:52 — As he was taking the Hermit Path, Lable took it upon himself to make everybody’s life work out. He realized that he wanted to be in a state of grace, where you understand that everything is perfect just the way it is.

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