039: Sharing the Proof with Dan Lievens

In this episode of The Miracle You join your host Vince Kramer of Imagine Miracles and his unique guest Dan Lievens while they talk about shining the light in towards ourselves to discover our true powers. Learn the importance and the power of your story.

Dan Lievens

Dan Lievens is a founder, thought leader and visionary. As a Business Consultant with 20 years of hands-on experience with early stage companies, he is known as an expert at bringing business and technical worlds together in a variety of industries including telecommunications, legal, restaurants, retail, real estate and health and wellness.

As a Managing Partner at HeadRoom, a co-working facility and incubator, he provides Small Businesses and Start-ups the resources they require to take a quantum leap forward.

Having worked hands-on with entrepreneurs, his frustration at the noisy world of marketing prompted him to develop a solution to amplify the cause of those who chose to advance humanity, as a result, he and his wife and business partner Stacey, just launched their newest venture, The Proof!

Episode Resources:

Official Website: www.witnesstheproof.com
YouTube: www.theproof.tv
Facebook: www.messageyourvision.com

Three Key Points:

Breaking down your walls and opening yourself up to being more vulnerable can sometimes hurt. But by keeping walls up, it’s way more difficult for others to open up to you.

Don’t be afraid to shine the line inwards, and really get to know yourself. Self-love and care is crucial for better mental health.

People are mirrors to us. When you see something in someone, it’s what you’ve attracted into your life. The wonderful things we see in people are in us too, we just haven’t recognized or acknowledge them.

Show Notes:

3:15 — Dan Lievens explains the value of entrepreneurship, and how we helped move humanity out of the stone age.

6:27 — Even at a young age, Dan had an entrepreneurial mindset. He shares a story of how he’d provide services to his peers in exchange for money.

8:54 — Sharing a recent wake-up call, Dan made some drastic decisions in his life. It was a

10:41 — After making some important changes in his life, Dan ended up in a far more meaningful situation. He goes into detail about how awesome his life has become since monetizing his passions.

13:17 — Dan shares what his miracles are for the world. Connecting with others, Dan helps construct roadmaps for passionate futures.

15:15 — Traveling the world and speaking multiple different languages, Dan can adapt to specific cultures—like a chameleon.

17:00 — People build up walls to protect themselves. However, Dan teaches that removing those walls will ultimately create a better life.

18:40 — Vince shares his experience with self-reflection and self-care. He goes into a story about meeting the late Debbie Ford.

22:00 — Revealing some never-before-heard plans for the future, Dan shares his plan for hacking and changing cultural norms to move humanity forward in a positive way.

25:27 — Our special guest Dan shares his best piece of advice. Take this one to heart, because it sure is one to remember.

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