040: Being a Rockstar with Kristi Staab

In this episode of the Miracle You join you host Vince Kramer of Imagine Miracles and his rockin’ special guest Kristi Staab while they dive into talking about leadership and being a “Rockstar” within your purpose. Each of us our special in our own ways and it is time to rock your way.

Kristi Staab

Driven by her passion help individuals from around the globe transform into purposeful, impactful and positively influential leaders, Chief Rock Star Kristi Staab shares her innovative and inspiring Lead Like a Rock Star™ approach to leadership, sales, and success. She guides you and your team members on a journey to discover, hone, and put into action the rock star leader within. It’s what she refers to as “Put the rock in your role.™”

For over 25 years, Kristi has been developing individuals, teams, and organizations to excellence in the areas of leadership, sales, and success—helping them be more, do more, and achieve more, with a straightforward leadership philosophy, “Being a rock star is an attitude. It’s a state of being. It’s a choice. It’s raising your hand and committing to being an elite performer, playing at the highest level, reaching the pinnacle of your chosen profession, and modeling excellence consistently to inspire and empower others to do the same.”

Prior to starting her own leadership development business in 2009, she was a proven rock star leader in Corporate America. As a 20-year veteran of leadership, sales, advertising, and marketing within the sports, television, music, and entertainment industries, she built a successful and thriving career by climbing the corporate ladder, generating hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue, earning her Executive MBA from the University of Arizona, and receiving multiple leadership and sales accolades and awards—including the 2006 Cable Advertising Bureau Sales Manager of the Year National Finalist award.

Kristi has collaborated with partners including American Express, Rakuten, State Farm, Wells Fargo, Henkel, RE/MAX, Phoenix Business Journal, City of Phoenix, City of Las Vegas, Maricopa County Workforce Development, University of Arizona, YMCA, National Women’s Golf Coaches Association, and more.

Kristi was a featured speaker at TEDx Chennai’s 2012 Life by Design event, in Chennai, India.

Kristi resides with her husband Len Jessup, President of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Episode Resources:

Accelerate your Leadership Influence Free: https://unlockyourinfluence.com/

Three Key Points:

Look at your limiting beliefs and figure out a way to shift them so that they benefit you in a positive way. These beliefs hold you back and sabotages you from all of the things you want in your life.

It’s not about the bad situation, it’s about how quickly you can get back up, brush yourself off, and start moving again.

Be kind and be gentle to yourself because it’s so easy to remind ourselves of what’s not working. It’s more powerful to spiritually, and emotionally redirect that energy to moving forward.

Show Notes:

4:07 — Kristi Staab is celebrating 10 years of being in business this year, and she reminisces on how a pinnacle of her life completely moved her in a different direction. Although she was successful in her career, she realized that she was living unhappy and unfulfilled.

8:03 — Limiting beliefs about safety, security, money, self-worth, etc. were like shackles on Kristi that prevented her from moving forward. She shares how she was able to change the lens she was looking through to break free from the “golden handcuffs” of her life.

11:09 — Being abandoned by her own mother and later by her first husband, Kristi started developing trust issues.

12:22 — A powerful moment in Kristi’s life released her from her limiting beliefs of abandonment and mistrust. She shares how she went from manifesting this perception for over 20 years but was able to break free from the negative beliefs.

15:47 — Sharing the gift of being abandoned by her mom when she was a teenager, Kristi proves that she was empowered and strong enough to handle extreme adversities.

17:46 — Kristi reveals there were opportunities to continue in life, yet there were also times when she wanted it to end. With the good and the bad in her life, Kristi learned a valuable lesson that sometimes things don’t go as well as we hope.

21:17 — The miracle of Kristi is looking at herself as a work in progress. Kristi shares her experiences in her past are affecting others because of how she’s able to focus on love and helping others get to their maximum potential.

25:58 — Bringing passionate, powerful, motivated, and influential leaders to the forefront, Kristi is helping to make a difference in the world. She’s helping leaders build their confidence and improve their leadership skills.

28:00 — There isn’t a one-and-done answer to leadership. In fact, there are many different key components that make the impact. Kristi shares more about her plan to shift leadership to thrive in business.

30:00 — Self-care, health, and nutrition impacts our leadership skills towards others. Kristi shares that coaching and continuous self-improvement is critical for leadership.

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