071: Sharing the Love with Julie Korotkin

Join your host Vince Kramer of Imagine Miracles on this episode of The Miracle You and his special guest Julie Korotkin while they talk about how to love yourself, and spread that love to the world. It all starts on the inside.

Julie Korotkin

A champion for holistic well-being, Julie L. Korotkin, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a Masters in Business Administration, and has over 20 years of experience in psychotherapy, personal & professional development. Julie, known as The Holistic Well-Being Guide, is a sought after speaker, offering coaching and training through her company, Evolve Journey™.

Her signature program is designed for anxious young adults, ages 17-32, who are struggling to build a life that they love. Julie’s clients go from feeling insecure, anxious, and uncertain, to feeling confident, empowered, connected, and peaceful. Parents and other concerned loved ones also find their relationship with the young adult becomes more open, healthy, generative, loving and trusting. Julie believes that community is a critical component of building a life you love.

She hosts monthly meetings in a locally owned coffee shop to bring people together, share ideas, and build relationships. She also volunteers on a board for a local Chamber, offers mentoring to other mission-driven entrepreneurs, and facilitates trainings on Building Community to Build Business.

Julie’s areas of expertise all relate to The Model of Holistic Well-Being™, including mind-body-breath connection, communication, trauma, women’s empowerment, mental illness, addictions and relationship dynamics. She is on a mission to create a more generous and loving world through teaching people how to use the Model of Holistic Well-Being™ in their lives, businesses, and communities.

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Three Key Points:

We’re living in a world right now where there’s so much separation and duality. When we find the joy and comfort in ourselves, we’re able to share our essence with the world in a way that acts as a shield of love to deflect negativity.

Addiction doesn’t happen in a bubble. There’s always some underlying problem, whether that’s anxiety, depression, trauma, or something completely different.

Live in the question. Simply ask questions. Giving young people space to ask themselves “if I really could go out and live my greatest gift, what could I be?”

Show Notes:

4:13 — Married and living in Colorado with her family, Julie shares that her career has evolved tremendously.

5:03 — We are here to create a more generous, kind, and loving world. Through generosity we can up level humanity.

7:00 — There were a few wakeup calls for Julie. Her first one, at 19 years old, she found herself catatonic and unable to speak due to drug abuse. She shares it took a lot of time and a lot of work to overcome that.

12:00 — With a holistic foundation, Julie developed an affinity for young adults to overcome times of uncertainty.

14:31 — As a sufferer of anxiety, Julie goes into how our society and culture has developed a world of anxious and depressed people.

16:52 — Remove judgement during your parenting. How do you come from a space of openness, curiosity, and empowerment, instead of giving advice, standing in judgement, and giving orders.

19:10 — Children need the opportunity to see what works for them. They need to see that their answers are there.

21:27 — Through several wakeup calls of hip surgery, and a son born with physical disabilities, Julie was able to work from her model to make it through it in a miraculous way.

26:49 — Looking to the ImagineNation for a favor, Julie would love for everyone to drop into their heart spaces and generate a love ball of light.

30:11 — Sharing one last piece of parting guidance, Julie advises that when things feel not okay, stop, grab a glass of water, feel, breathe, and visualize roots into the ground. Get grounded.

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