151: Maximum Impact with Dr Greg Pursley

In this episode of The Miracle You podcast with your host Vince Kramer of Imagine Miracles, learn the importance of making an impact in your life and the world. Vince and his special guest Dr Greg Pursley discuss having a defined and compelling vision.

Dr Greg Pursley

Dr Greg got married in 2004. A little over a year later his wife and he welcomed his daughter. 5 months after that he graduated as a Chiropractor and 7 months after that they moved 2 hours south to start a business. In May of 2008, after 1.5 years in business, his son was born with dwarfism, which is very rare. This was unexpected and he and his wife were left with more questions than answers. Some of the complications of being born with dwarfism affected his son’s health.

Over the next 12 months his son spent a total of 6 months in a hospital 2 hours away from their new home. They were stressed in every aspect of life including mental, physical, emotional, chemical, and financial. Greg’s focus shifted from running a business, making money, and supporting a family to keeping his son alive and his family together. Exercise, eating properly, and his health in general weren’t things he was concerned about. As a result, his health declined and his  weight went up, and up, and up. He noticed changes in his health like a slight wheeze upon any physical exertion, He was coughing more, had less energy, and it was harder to go to sleep and stay asleep.

He didn’t recognize or even like himself when looking in the mirror. He felt as if I had no choice but to focus on my son and family. The problem is, if he was not taking care of myself, he would not be able to take care of my family. One day he recognized this was not heading in a direction he wanted and knew if it continued he would end up being in a place he did not want to be. At that moment, he decided to make a change, but how? What should he do? Where should he start? This is when “Think and Lose Weight” was created. He took everything he knew and had learned in practice and applied it in this program.

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Three Key Points:

We can’t just expect things to happen in our life. Believing that we are just going to be given what you deserve can result in you being in your rocking chair at the end of your life and wishing you would have _______. (Fill in the blank)

You have to know what you want and be able to see it in a way that affects every part of you. You need to feel it to be it.  When you have a defined and compelling vision, you start the creation process and pluck one of the unlimited possibilities out of the universe and make it a probability.

You don’t have to do it it alone.  Find some to help you on your journey.  You can learn so much much from those that have gone before. As long as you realize they are there to learn from and not to copy, you will find the assistance you are looking for to be the real you.

Show Notes:

3:47 – Greg shared how he has learned and grown in his life through the experiences that have happened.

6:27 – Dr G tells us how his family experiences changed the course of his life in an empowered way.

8:34 – Learn how Greg has brought together very complex subjects in simple to understand and use as a roadmap to live life differently.

10:41 – Greg talks about putting meaning in your life every second and what that means for us.

12:05 – Greg shares the timeline of how he moved through providing self help into systems of personal growth.

15:52 – Learn how to empower yourself when those around you aren’t helping or maybe even trying to disempower you.

20:43 – As a chiropractor, Dr Greg shares how to bring your body along on the journey of becoming empowered.

24:09 – Learn the first process of his work that he shares with others. You will get all the steps.

28:42: How to find the desire and willingness to reach for more and better for you.

32:42 – Greg shares what his big dream is and how he is going to make it happen in the world.

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