156: Love of Music with Dave Combs

Join us for this episode of The Miracle You with your host Vince Kramer of Imagine Miracles and his special guest Dave Combs. Dave shares his journey towards finding music again in his life. Learn how his composition ‘Rachael’s Song” changed everything.

Dave Combs

Dave Combs is a songwriter, photographer, entrepreneur, successful business executive, and author.  Over the past four decades he has written over 120 songs and created fifteen albums of soothing, relaxing instrumental piano music, including the popular standard, Rachel’s Song.

His music has been played millions of times on radio, satellite, and all internet streaming media. He is the author of the bestselling book, Touched by the Music. The book is about an inspired (some say anointed) song, the man who wrote it, the successful music business that grew from it, and the millions of people whose lives continue to be touched by Dave’s peaceful music and his uplifting stories.

Best-selling author, Jack Canfield, says this about Dave: “Not only is he the composer of some of the most beautiful music I have ever heard, but he is a man of faith and has the heart of someone wanting to make a difference in this world. And he is a great storyteller and writer.”  In his book, Dave Combs brings to life his amazing journey through his own personal, captivating, and inspiring stories.  Dave grew up in Erwin, a small town in East Tennessee, and now he and his wife Linda make their home in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Episode Resources:

Official Website:  https://CombsMusic.com

Instagram:  @CombsMusic

Facebook:  @TouchedByTheMusic

Twitter: @DavidMCombs

Email:  [email protected]

Three Key Points:

We are all special in our own ways. We chose the opportunities available to us to be and do exactly what we are meant to be and do. Everything that has happened in our lives has contributed.

Every gift that you have discovered and develop along with the talents you have been given are there to help you live life in a way that you can be and do you.

Everything you need on that journey is available to you. They show up when you are ready for them. You need to watch, pay attention, recognize them and then take action. Are you noticing the messages? If not, why? They are there.

Show Notes:

3:33 – Our special guest Dave Combs share about his history and where his love of music started.

9:24 – Learn how Dave followed all the messages and promptings over several years to get him to follow his heart.

13:30 – Dave tells us how he was called and motivated to write more songs to share with the world.

17:27 – We all have developed many gifts over a life time. Dave shares how he uses his in living his passion.

23:16 – Learn what was the impetus for his book, “Touched By The Music.”

26:25 – Dave shares the difference he wants to make in the world by following his divine intent.

27:55 – Dave shares the importance of taking action on what is given you in your life.

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