165: Self healing with Dan Junkins

Join us for this episode of The Miracle You podcast with you host Vince Kramer of Imagine Miracles and his guest Dan Junkins. Vince and Dan discuss how Dan’s medical diagnosis got his attention and how he healed himself. Dan wants to help you understand why things happen and how to find health in the chaos.

Dan Junkins

Dan freely shares, he should be dead by now. He was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia in April of 2017 with weeks left to live. Dan discovered the peacock kills and eats poisonous snakes for sustenance & transforms the poison into beauty. He shifted his mindset & became a peacock. As a storyteller and a writer, he now shares his story of healing. 

Dan is the author of the book, Peacocks, Poison and Leukemia, A Life of Vibrant Health. Together with his wife Jana, they share the message of self-healing.

In March of 2000, she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and was told she’d be disabled in 10 years. Jana should be in a wheelchair. She decided to take her life by the proverbial horns & become a vegan triathlete, a meditation guru and visualize her way into true health. Today she is in benign status, drug free, and a healthy endurance athlete.

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Three Key Points:

We are amazing in so many ways, even if we don’t see ourselves that way. We just have to believe and it will be. It is that easy and it is that difficult.

We have the capabilities to heal ourselves. We do that by supporting ourselves vibrationally. We have access to the highest vibrations in the universe. When we learn how to tap into this energy we can support ourselves in many ways.

Community is an important part of our health. Surrounding ourselves with the love we share with others can be instrumental in our healing and our health.

Show Notes:

3:39 – Dan shares his story of being the normal guy who was suddenly diagnosed with leukemia.

9:41 – There was a point where Dan realized it was important to share his story and how others encouraged him to share about the peacock.

12:30 – Dan shares what he believes his purpose is and how his cancer led him to the understanding.

14:55 – Learn what Dan used to heal himself even when he was at death’s door.

17:34 – Dan shares how reaching out to community brought him together with people of the past as well as brought new people into his life.

21:15 – Dan goes beyond healing yourself and shares how to keep yourself healthy in your day to day life.

24:53 – Dan talks about his experiences with western medicine and eastern medicine practices to give our bodies what it needs to be healthy.

27:44 – Dan shares a quote to help us understand about humans and love.

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