167: Unleashed Creativity with Liz Kettle

In this episode of The Miracle You with your host Vince Kramer of Imagine Miracles, Vince and his special guest Liz Kettle. Vince and Liz discuss the importance of finding the genius that resides in you. Liz shares her Stitch Meditation process and how it changes lives.

Liz Kettle

Liz Kettle is a fabric and mixed media artist with a passion for teaching the joy of the creative process. 

She is an active teacher, blogger, designer, and videographer, and is the author, co-author, and contributor to several best-selling books. 

Liz has a passion for helping others discover the genius that resides inside them.

Creating and making are essential parts of being human and while the popular culture has created the artist as ‘other,’ she believes everyone benefits when each of us claims our creative heart. 

As the creator of the Stitch Meditation process Liz invites everyone to delve into the practice of making and mindfulness.

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Three Key Points:

When we can find a way to stop or slow down the considerable chatter in our minds, we open ourselves to hear the guidance and direction that is constantly available to us. And…we can quiet that chatter.

The biggest stopping place for most of is believing we can’t do it. We hear about meditating, emptying our minds and we panic. We immediately tell ourselves we can’t do it.

You can find your way to quiet the voices. It may be in nature or getting lost in a favorite project. He important thing is to find your way without any judgment. Try different things without expectation and you will find it.

Show Notes:

2:54 – Liz shares how she came up with the Stitch Meditation Process and how it is so helpful.

6:09 – Learn how Liz learned that stitching became such a mediative practice for her and how she knew it was a process she could share.

7:35 – Learn the simple process that Liz has used with herself and others to make a difference in their lives.

9:27 – Liz shares how the right brain and accessing it through her meditation moves you into the right brain.

10:48 – We discuss how the left brain affects you and it is trying to keep you safe.

15:22 Liz shares how the meditation has changed lives and help people live a less stressful life.

16:56 – Learn how Liz wants to expand the Stitch Meditation across the world and create peace.

18:58 – Learn the best way to find your own meditation process to help you find your peace.

22:32 – Liz tells us the difference she would like to make in the world through her work.

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