174: Checking Into Life with James Heppner

Join your host Vince Kramer of Imagine Miracles on this episode of The Miracle You podcast as he interviews special guest James Heppner. Vince and James discuss fear, rhythm, and co-creation as you hear James’ story and the journey towards making a difference.

James Heppner

My life worked, until it didn’t. Business was strong, capital was plentiful and life seemed all I had every dared wish it to be.  Performing life vs. Living life nearly near cost me my business, my investments, my children and my marriage.  The never ending hyper-vigilant striving to achieve the next level of success suddenly awakened me to the deep emptiness of my current lived experience.  Unable to truly celebrate and instead deeply anxious about the rawness of who I really was on the inside, I flip flopped between being restless & bored, and anxious & depressed.

Thankfully peace didn’t come but instead, I feel into a million tiny pieces.  It forced me to build a new infrastructure grounded upon authenticity and gratitude.  I made critical decisions like “my joy is not for sale” and “losses are simply disguised gifts hidden in plain sight”.

I’ve spent the last decade designing my life of gratitude and can honestly say I have a unshakeable love with my life.  Not in-spite of the losses that I’ve had to endure however rather BECAUSE of the losses that I’ve utilized well.

Fearing Fear itself has now left me.

Today I help people ignite their vibrant energy towards life by turning towards what they really want – to courageously step towards their comforts and discomforts with curiosity and an open embrace of the goodness that lies at the core of both the win and the loss.

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Three Key Points:

Fear can be debilitating and can paralyze us. When we learn to no longer fear the fear, we can become empowered by it. We no longer have to power through life at all costs.

Life is rhythmic. We have situations and circumstances as we label as good and bad. We come from beliefs of right or wrong. When we learn that there is no good or bad, right or wrong, we can find the gift in the situations and circumstances.

Everything in our lives is a co-creation. Nothing in life is perfect. Life owes you nothing. Nothing traps you, everything frees you. When you live from these understandings, you can free yourself to see life in a new way and you can live it unencumbered.

Show Notes:

3:03 – Guest James Heppner shares about where he is in life and how he looks life differently now.

9:30 James shares how the two and half years of what he describes as hell helped him see life from a different perspective.

18:12 – James shares what he sees as the difference between the unknown and not knowing.

24:33 – James shares how he has taken everything that he has learned and uses it to help others.

30:27 – Learn the four values he uses to live his life. 1) Life owes me nothing. 2) Nothing has to be perfect. 3) Everything is a co-creation. 4) Nothing traps me, everything frees me.

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