176: Mind Your business with Tonikia Steans

In this episode of The Miracle You podcast, your host Vince Kramer of Imagine Miracles invites special guest Tonikia Steans to join him. Vince and Tonikia share Tonikia’s story and how a mother of ten children found her way to being a coach for entrepreneurial women.

Tonikia Steans

Tonikia is known as The Mindful-Coach. She is an entrepreneur, life success coach for women-preneurs, associate pastor, wife and mom to 10 incredible children. She knows all about the challenges entrepreneurial women struggle with as they juggle multiple hats because she have lived it herself.

Tonikia loves coaching and mentoring those who are excited to clarify their goals and make notable changes that will impact their presence. She believes your overall outcome is based on your level of desire. In essence once a client begins to work with her, they won’t look back and she will be there with them every step of the way.

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Twitter:  @TonikiaLSteans

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Three Key Points:

Life is truly what we make it. Quantum Physics shares that as the observer of our life we create our reality. We use our beliefs to form perceptions of the circumstances in life. Not knowing that the beliefs aren’t real.

We are all special. We have a unique combination of gifts and talents that know one else has. The gifts and talents come from the experiences we attract into our lives. We learn, grow and become capable of not only making the best of these circumstances, but help others do the same.

Life is for you. You get to choose through free will how you live it. We have all heard, we can’t control our circumstances, but we can control how we respond. If we respond in ways that empower ourselves, life can be lived our way.

Show Notes:

2:55 – Tonikia shares with us a little more about herself and how she is working towards living her purpose.

4:43 – We learn what happened in Tonikia’s life that resulted in her moving towards a life of service.

8:24 – Tonikia shares the wake-up she had that with her nephews and nieces and how her family was instrumental in her understanding of life.

19:46 – We learn how Tonikia’s life experiences have helped her be a better coach.

22:15 – Tonikia explains what is a transformational life strategist and how she share it with her clients.

23:38 – Learn how you find your desire to be more in your life and how important it is for you to show up for yourself.

26:10 – Why do we have a tough time in finding the desire that we need to help us go on or transform.

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