018: Leading by Principles with Dave MacArthur

Your host Vince Kramer of Imagine Miracles and his special guest Dave MacArthur discuss important principals that make a successful leader. Join Vince and Dave in this unique episode of the Miracle you as they discuss some concepts of Quantum Physics and how the affect us and those around us.

Dave macArthur

Dave MacArthur was once a broke unhealthy, unfulfilled mechanic just getting by and barely at that. Today, he is a healthy, fit, purpose driven, multi-millionaire and Seven figure annual income earner. He is a devoted husband, father of five kids and a grandfather, an author, Host of the Inc. Magazine’s #12 ranked podcast “Mechanic to Millionaire.” Dave is a health advocate, educator, lecturer on universal laws and mindset and the human anatomy specializing in Telomeres, the protective caps on the ends of chromosomes. Dave sees himself as an entrepreneur, philanthropist and disciple of Christ.

Dave has used his gifts to bring health and financial freedom to many on his journey and that journey is just beginning.

I want to share a quote from Dave:

“There is no finish line in life. No retirement. All things are possible to them that believe. Life is a continuous journey of growth, development, impact and contribution, progress and expansion. What I want for myself I want for everyone, to inspire creativity, independence, abundance and the support and ability to see it through. Our past does not dictate our future and principle trumps precedence. “More for all and less for none.” May we all continue onward and upward until at last we find that we have brought heaven to earth.” — Dave MacArthur

Episode Resources:

Website: http://mechanictomillionaire.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dave.m.arthur

Three Key Points:

You live and interact in this world as energy. When you put off a certain vibration, you get a vibration back as a reflection. By setting up principles, and living your life by these universal laws, it becomes much easier to build the life you’ve always deserved.

When we’re not going in the direction where we’re supposed to be going, our bodies let us know in many ways. It gets our attention and moves us in a different direction.

We understand what we want to do with our lives from a young age. However, we tend to forget, or a tend to be influenced from the outside.

Show Notes:

4:28 — His self-awareness and seeing different people living certain lifestyles ended up in undesirable outcomes made him realize who Dave didn’t want to be.

6:41 — Dave MacArthur realized at a young age the importance of striving for excellence. He even shares that when he was little, he strived for excellence by not cutting corners and going above and beyond in his chores.

8:00 — Dave shares how he went from praying for God to take his life, to turning it completely around into a fairy-tale “dream-come-true” life.

9:54 — What brought Dave to the point of praying for God to take his life? Dave MacArthur shares the events that led up to that circumstance. He was reacting to things, instead of responding to things intelligently.

17:42 — Investing in himself and holding himself to a high level of accountability wasn’t easy for Dave to do. However, he did it to prove to himself, and to prove to others that it’s possible. Dave MacArthur shares how he now has success and balance in all areas of his life.

22:13 — The mistake that people make is that people want everything on the outside of them to change. Dave reveals that it’s really about the change from within you. When Dave changed, he started improving and impacting other people’s lives.

28:05 — Get the permission to start blueprinting your life, and start building a new identity. Release the old and focus on something new.

30:45 — Dave shares an epiphany where becoming a 4th and 5th level leader as John Maxwell talks about, you’re able to create more 4th and 5th level leaders.

33:43 — By learning to listen to his heart, Dave’s life felt even more fulfilled. It definitely turned his life around, and he shares his story on how it happened.

36:33 — It doesn’t happen overnight. You don’t become great and successful overnight. But it’s the consistency that makes a difference.

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